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How to Get Your Baby On A Prenatal Sleep Schedule

Parenting / July 14, 2017

If you are expecting your first child or even your fifth child, then let me tell you a little secret I learned. Mom’s of new babies don’t get sleep unless they try this, a prenatal feeding schedule. This might sound strange since baby isn’t here yet but it is life changing.


Babies, when they are born, like to wake up their mom’s and dad’s at all hours to eat. Most newborns go about 4-5 hours between meals which doesn’t give you much sleep. Many moms will tell you that you sleep when you can during the first month or so. But what if there was a way to get the baby on a schedule before he or she is even born?

Somewhere near your 36th week, you need to start a schedule for your baby. You do this by getting on a schedule yourself. This preparation will get your baby in rhythm with you. Here is a suggested plan that works!

Eat before you sleep! The best way to get baby on a schedule is to eat before bed. I know this goes against most regular diet plans. Be sure this meal is not full of sugar. Your baby needs to eat as late as you can so that he or she will sleep during the night. Then get up early. So if you eat at 11 pm then plan on eating again at 5 am. I know its early but trust me, if you do this midway through your third trimester up until birth, that newborn will already be on this schedule. Now I know this won’t work for everyone but it does for most.

Getting on this eating schedule will give you 4-5 precious hours of NIGHTTIME sleep. This can be incredibly valuable to new parents and also for those that have other little ones that keep you running all day.

What are your tips for getting a newborn on a sleep schedule? 

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