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4 Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

Food & Home / LifeStyle / July 31, 2017

Summer is finally here, so let the entertaining begin. Whether you’re inviting your neighbors, friends or in-laws, this guide will help you prepare your outdoor space for entertaining this summer. 

Get The Grill Ready

You have to break the grill out when you’re entertaining. Who doesn’t enjoy some food hot off the grill? Don’t even think about turning the stove on; the grill is the way to go. Grilling is not only a fun way to enjoy the outdoors but a way to still be able to interact with your guests and not be stuck in the house while everyone else is outdoors having fun.

Create a Bar Area

If you are entertaining then you have to have drinks. Having something set up to make it convenient and easy for your guests to get to is important. Don’t worry about having a built-in bar, instead designate a counter or use a rolling cooler, set it up and let your guests help themselves.

Low-Maintenance Patio Furniture

If you are lucky enough to have a home or apartment with a patio or outdoor space, then you need to have some low-maintenance patio furniture. Bring out those cushions from last year, or refresh your patio furniture with some new ones. You can find cute vibrant color cushions anywhere and at a low cost, too. If you are in the market for new patio furniture, look for all-weather wicker furniture, it’s perfect and totally low-maintenance.

Turn on the Lights


If you plan on hosting your guests after the sun sets, then you should definitely consider your outdoor lighting options. If you’re trying to go for a rustic chic look, then string lighting is the way to go or you can even use some solar lights to light up your space at night.

What tips would you suggest for

preparing your space for outdoor entertaining?

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