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4 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

Sex / Sexy Mama / June 16, 2017

Let’s face it, there comes a time when sex with your partner can become a bit boring and repetitive. We come to expect the same old foreplay from our mate, the same old positions and if we are being honest, the same old 10-15 minutes of sex and then the sound of snoring from our partner…no cuddling…just him sleeping and you wondering what you can do differently to heat things up in the bedroom?  When the fireworks become a dud in the bedroom and you want to get that spark back, here are 4 things you can do to get your sex life poppin’ again.

Send a Sexy Text


Letting your honey know he’s on your mind is sweet, but letting him know that you intend on jumping his bones later can really turn up the heat. Type a sexy message like “Meet me in the shower tonight” or “I have something sexy planned for you” to let him know you’re interested in some late-night fun.

Become His Personal Stripper

For many us, the idea of our man frequenting a strip club and having women take their clothes off and grinding on our man is no bueno. We just aren’t going for it. If this is the case, surprise him with a little strip tease of your own.

Throw on some sexy lingerie, some R. Kelly (“Sex Me” or “12 Play” will do the trick), do a sultry routine and give him a personal lap dance.  No idea how to give a lap dance? No worries, you can be YouTube certified in lap dancing in just an hour or two. If you really want to knock his socks off, start attending pole dancing classes.  Not only are they great exercise, but your man will most definitely love to see what you have been learning in class and you can even take it a step further by purchasing a strip pole for your bedroom. Not only will he appreciate the fact that you took the time to master such a seductive skill, but after your done…honey, the fireworks in your bedroom will rival any 4th of July fireworks show around and your sex life will be crackin’ once again.

Act Out Each Other’s Fantasies


The couples with the hottest sex lives contribute it to their partner’s willingness to explore and try new things. Talk about your fantasies and act them out. Sometimes we get so caught up in worrying that our mate may think of us in a negative way if we divulge that we really are a freak (in a good way), that we suppress our fantasies, but who else are we going to share them with? You may be pleasantly surprised at his reaction if you divulge your deepest desires and who knows, he may share some of those same fantasies. If he’s your man, there should be nothing you two can’t try or talk to each other about. If you have a loving, trusting relationship, then you both should feel safe to make each other’s fantasies a reality and your sex life will be back on track in no time.

Start a “Toy” Box


Men can become a bit intimidated by the thought of including sex toys and the bringing the conversation up can make you somewhat nervous, but if you can discuss one another’s fantasies then the conversation of bringing sex toys into the bedroom will be a breeze. What’s important to say in the conversation is that the sex toys are for “both” of you because most men, think “dildos and vibrators” when sex toys are brought up but there are so many “toys” that that you can use that would be perfect for spicing things up and adding some variety to your sex lives. The key is to include him and to go sex toy shopping together so that you both are comfortable with what you purchase.

If you still have some questions about sex toys and how to use them to heat things up in the bedroom get help from this sex toy infographic from DearLady.


How do you and your mate keep your sex life spicy? 

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