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4 Things To Do With The Family Over The Holidays

Parenting / December 28, 2016

Having family over for the holidays can seem fantastic, but depending on how much time they will be spending with you, you can run out of things to do. Once Christmas is over, you can tend to end up doing the following:

  • Watching television
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Talking

Although those things are cool, you may get to the point where you and your guests are bored. That’s when the question arises, “What can I do to to entertain them?”  Here are a few ideas to keep everyone entertained and you out of the doghouse with your family.


During the holidays, there are often several productions in every city.  Why not take the family to see The Chocolate Nutcracker or Disney on Ice?  Although, these are pretty big productions, you can also find plays at your local colleges, churches, playhouse, etc.  Some local productions can be a bit amateurish, they can also be a lot of fun.  You never know, you may be surprised and those local productions of holiday classics will help you save a coin or two. Remember to keep it light and have fun.  Plan a whole evening of it by checking out one of your favorite restaurants and then heading to see the play.

Day Trips

In December, depending on where you live, the weather can be very cold and we often just want to stay at home and chill by the fire but when the kids are running around and your family keeps asking you 501 questions, planning a day trip (depending on the weather) can get everyone out of the house and out of your hair. Think about these places you could visit:

  • Zoo
  • Safari park
  • Amusement park
  • Muesums
  • Snow tubing

Even going out for a walk, is a great idea and helps everyone get some exercise in and a bit of fresh air. Make it fun with the kids by letting them ride their new bikes, etc.  Just think, they can play, get tired and go to bed early and you can relax with the adults for the rest of the evening.

Board Games

If the weather is too cold and wet to go out then playing some games indoors could be fun. It may be hard to pull the younger generation off their computers or phones, but it can be a great way to bring all of the family together. Seat everyone around the table, put on some music, grab a few adult beverages and some snacks and have some fun.  I always buy a few board games while they are on sale during Christmas and make sure I get a couple for all age groups.  Some of my favorites include:

  • Monopoly
  • Headbanz
  • Taboo
  • Loaded Questions
  • Game of Life
  • Bingo


Although we spend a lot of money at Christmas, we always seem to like spending a bit more on the sales after Christmas.  Take the family out the day after Christmas so that they can exchange their gifts or spend their Christmas money. If you decide not to go, it will give you the opportunity to get a bit of rest or do some things around the house.

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