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Gettng Pissed By All The Facebook Pics Of Valentine’s Day Gifts? Screw Them And Cupid!

From the Editor / Single Mommy Stuff / Slider / Slides / February 14, 2016

Today is the day that you have been dreading since New Year’s…Valentine’s Day.  You have been avoiding going on Facebook because everyone is posting pics of what their Boo’s got them and you are getting  more of an attitude as you scroll down your timeline.  Who gives a fuck, right?  Not you?  That’s why you’re sitting around with an attitude and snapping at everyone who calls you.  

Get Over It!  Valentine’s Day is Just Another Day! 

Valentine's Day-Facebook

Today will feel like the longest 24 hours EVER, as you avoid answering the phone because you don’t want to hear from your girl’s bragging about what their men got them, when you know as well as they do that their dude really isn’t about shit anyway.  She was just complaining about his ass last week and now, not even 7 days later, she is so happy that she got a bear and some flowers from the corner of Crenshaw and Slauson.  Is that really what you want?

Single Ladies, Celebrate Yourselves This Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's day- Facebook-Single

Look girl, be happy that you don’t have to deal with the BS that some are your friends are going through.  364 days a year, you are the sounding board for your friends when they bitch and moan about their men.  You try to stay neutral but in your head your screaming, “What the fuck are you doing?  Get rid of that loser,” but out loud your saying, “Yeah girl…ummm…hmmm.”  The conversations always end with them telling you how lucky you are for not having to deal with BS! Yeah, you are lucky…lucky enough not to be a fool because your mama didn’t raise no fool!

Ladies, before you get mad and throw your laptop against the wall, let me reel you back in.

Valentine's Day and Facebook

First of all, thank God that you woke up THIS morning.  There were a lot of people who didn’t.  Secondly, it is better to be alone than have to deal with some BS for the sake of saying that you have a man.  Thirdly and most importantly, take this time that you are single and work on yourself.  

Everything ain’t for everyone and everyone ain’t for everything.

Don’t get upset about not having someone this Valentine’s Day.  If you have children…you have someone!  If you have family…you have someone!  Don’t get hung up on a day that society tells you that you should be with someone or that you aren’t validated, if you are single.  You are single and fabulous!  Screw society, cupid and Valentine’s Day!

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Ty Knighten
Ty Knighten knows a thing or two about relationships and dating. A single mom from Calif., Ty decided to turn her experiences in love and relationships into a blog. Written with plenty of sass, her mission is to help women empower themselves to realize love, success and confidence through her articles. She writes about dating and relationships from the perspective of a single mom but adds insights that will help women and men as they maneuver through the confusing world of dating and relationships. You can reach her on Twitter @UHeardMeRight, on Facebook at The Sexy Single Mommy or connect with her on Google+ and Instagram at chocoty.

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on February 14, 2013


on February 14, 2013

Love this post. Even though I’m going on a date tonight (no I’m not bragging, he will probably use a coupon) I can definitely relate to what you’re saying.

    on February 14, 2013

    Thanks! Enjoy your evening!!

on February 14, 2013

I use to hate this holiday when I was single, but if that day ever comes again in the future, I’m just going to treat it as a day of “treating” myself 😉

    on February 15, 2013

    Exact;y, Jaime. That’s a great idea!

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