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Why The Holiday Season Could Be The Best Time To Find Love

Dating & Relationships / December 21, 2015

Being single during the holiday season is difficult but according to one of the nation’s leading relationship service, the holiday season could be the best time to find love.

Sheryel Aschfort, Director of South Florida Introductions who has matched thousands of happy couples for the past 23 years, provides singles with “fool proof” tips on navigating dating during the busy holiday season. Here Sheryel provides no-nonsense yet effective solutions to the questions the millions of singles will face this holiday season.  

What are some of the upsides of dating during busy holiday season?


Meeting anyone new is always exciting and fun, says Sheryel. Instead of being a “third wheel” at gatherings, a new date can ensure camaraderie and someone to smooch under the mistletoe or on New Year’s Eve. There are so many exciting things to do that it gets any new relationship of to a great start. Also, dating during the holidays can lessen the stressful load of shopping and spending money, making the whole season more enjoyable.

Should “new dates” be involved with family and holiday parties?


Sheryel insists that new dates should only meet family only if there is a shared belief that the relationship might go somewhere. However new dates for holiday parties are absolutely acceptable. Parties are 10 times more enjoyable with good company and new relationships are always fun.

Should “new dates” exchange gifts?


Sheryel says, “Absolutely! A perfect gift for a new date should be something inexpensive and sentimental. Flowers are always a safe bet.” She adds that a gift in a new relationship can reveal where the relationship is going. Men should especially heed this advice; a new relationship is not an excuse to forego a gift. You don’t want to be perceived as cheap and thoughtless!


How should busy singles fit dating into busy schedules?

Sheryel wisely cautions that if singles are not really interested in their date, they often use the excuse of not having time. She says, “In my 23 years of experience, almost everyone I deal with is busy, but when the right person comes along, the seas will part, and the time will be made. It’s like you don’t have time to join a gym and workout until you find it a necessity. Everyone should prioritize personal time.”

Should you expect permanent connections during the holidays?

Smiling African American couple lying on carpet and communicating.

Smiling African American couple lying on carpet and communicating.

When you meet the right person, it doesn’t matter when it is, says Sheryel. The holidays are fun times and we may think that the excitement of a new relationship means it’s going to be permanent, but we need to be able to separate those two things. The time is right when the time is right. Karma always has a plan, she says.

How should you keep the new relationship going strong after New Year’s?


The excitement of a relationship is a combination of connection and chemistry but if the relationship deflates after the holidays that was its only purpose. Singles need to remember to prioritize and give their partner time, because that’s the most valuable asset we have.

What are the best ways singles can meet potential dates during holidays?



At South Florida Introductions, October through February is the busy season. Everyone wants to make a connection to enjoy the holidays and life together. People should never shy away from joining our singles service during the holidays as meeting someone new can make the season more enjoyable. Even if singles don’t meet the person of their dreams during the holidays, the excitement of dating and meeting new people gives them something to look forward to and can change sad to glad.

With South Florida Introductions, singles are provided with the safest and quickest way to meet quality individuals. If that is not an option, Sheryel warns single women to be careful of the internet and bar stools, this is the time of the year when the con men are out on the prowl!


South Florida Introductions is for single adults seeking a one-on-one committed relationship. It is a personalized service that helps members find the right person in the easiest and safest possible way. During their journey, individuals find that South Florida Introductions offers just the right kind of specialized service to facilitate success in the singles world.

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