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When It’s Real, You’ll Know: Clichés About Love That Are Bullshit

Dating & Relationships / December 15, 2015

Clichés, overused as they may be, aren’t always true. And when it comes to matters of love and romance, they hold even less validity.

We use romantic clichés to help us feel better about our lives. What we say might not be true, but we feel less alone and more capable of dealing with what’s on our plates.

The way I’ve always seen it, though, is that if clichés are feeding us inaccurate information, they might be doing more of a disservice than anything else.

For that reason, I’ve compiled and analyzed a few of the most overused clichés about love. After doing so, I’ve realized that not only are these clichés slightly inaccurate, they also make zero sense.

They may help you feel better about your singleness — and they might make for great lyrics in Adele songs — but categorizing them as truths isn’t going to help you find love.

So, without any further ado, here are six clichés about love that make no sense whatsoever.

Cliché #1:  “If you love them, let them go.”

As a rule of thumb, if you love people, don’t cast them out into the wilderness and expect them to come back to you. Most of the time, they won’t.

Human beings are not kittens. You can’t just sever ties with someone and expect that person to wander to your front door, in the middle of the night, on his or her own volition. This sounds nice in theory, but hardly any romantic situations like this will happen in real life.

If you love people, make sure you don’t let them go. Once they go, they’ll probably be gone forever.

Cliché #2:  “When it’s real, you’ll just know.”

I can understand what this cliché is trying to say, but it just doesn’t seem very accurate. “When it’s real, you’ll just know” … until it’s fake, that is, and you realize you were wrong about everything you thought you knew (and just spent the last three years of your life in a toxic relationship).

The fact of the matter is that it’s impossible to know. I’m confused. How will we know? Will an 8-ball be telling us?

That’s what makes the whole courting process so gosh darn stressful. We don’t know sh*t, really, and we probably never will.

If we were able to “just know” who our true loves were, then every dive bar across the country should “just have” a miniature wedding chapel (or chuppah or mosque) somewhere by the back bathrooms, just to expedite the whole process. You know — add some vertical integration.

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