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8 Reasons Why She’s Not Ready To Settle Down

Dating & Relationships / December 17, 2015

She’s funny, sexy and smart. She surprises you with gifts and has a great sense of humor.

She’s the perfect woman for you.

You love her and know you want a serious relationship with her. It’s time to settle down.

But, what happens when she isn’t ready to settle down and wants to keep things light?

The answer may surprise you.

The women of today’s world know they’re meant to be great, and they have a purpose in life other than just to procreate.

Here are eight reasons the woman you love isn’t ready to settle down:

1. She won’t settle down yet because she wants a career.

She wants to be a professional and have power, just like men do.

She wants to wake up one day and say, “I did it!”

She wants to feel proud and content with herself.

Women, like men, have the need to feel accomplished. They need to feel they have something no one can take away from them: an education and worlds of knowledge.

They want to be taken seriously and show the world they aren’t just pretty faces.

2. She won’t settle down yet because she wants to enjoy living alone.

She lived with her parents until she was 18 years old. Then, she went to live with a roommate in her college dorm, and she went back to her parents after graduation.

Now that she has a stable job and lives alone, she wants to enjoy her home.

She wants to decorate, light candles and incense all over the house, walk around in her underwear, leave a mess in the bathroom after doing her makeup, spend Sundays in pajamas without showering, eat takeout every day and not have to worry about anyone else but herself.

3. She won’t settle down yet because she has wanderlust.

She went to study abroad in college, and now she can’t get enough of European culture.

She’s become a travel junkie, and she won’t settle down until she fulfills her desire of traveling the world.

She wants to explore life on her own. She wants to see new places, discover new cultures and have new experiences.

4. She won’t settle down yet because she wants to enjoy her friends and family.

She wants to take a whole day off to go to the spa with her friends.

She wants to go to dinner with her mother in the evening and go dancing with her male friends at night.

She wants to go to sleep in New York and wake up in Miami.

She wants to be able to do things without having to explain where she disappeared to, or why dinner hasn’t been served yet.

Women enjoy their freedom.

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on December 20, 2015

I have a few reason as why I’m not really ready, but I’m getting there slowly but surely.

on December 20, 2015

I think it’s great to do and enjoy as much as you can of life. When you get married and have kids, it’s much harder to do these things.

on December 20, 2015

Great post! I’m sure a lot of women can relate. Although I’m married I still thinks it’s imperative to get to know yourself before you make a long term commitment.

on December 20, 2015

I say live your life, figure out who you are before thinking about settling.

on December 21, 2015

Even though I’m married, I still think it’s important to maintain some independence and do the things that bring you joy.

    on December 21, 2015

    Yes, I totally agree with you. Married people absolutely should maintain some independence.

on December 21, 2015

This is so me! I’m a #3, wanderlust fan over here. Have traveled to 40 countries and counting while currently living abroad. OAN, I know her in the pic #3 that’s Glo she’s an awesome travel blogger friend :-).

    on December 21, 2015

    Hey, World Traveler! I can see why you aren’t ready to settle down.
    Yes, Global is awesome!!!

on December 21, 2015

I think it’s all about striking a balance. Always just be yourself and prioritize what you want and need out of life.

on December 21, 2015

If you have a good balance, you can do all these and still be settled down. I personally haven’t because the right guy hasn’t come along. Hopefully sooner than later, but I’m still enjoying my life. 🙂

    on January 4, 2016

    As you must. I agree with you though, I hope my Mr. Right comes along soon, too!

on December 21, 2015

Good read, I’m not married but I settled down about 12 years ago. Its refreshing to live life on your own terms, whatever that is for each individual.

on December 21, 2015

Great points, I definitely can relate to a lot of them as far as what I like to do (wanderlust, live by myself, enjoy family friends). But at the same time, I wouldn’t mind settling down soon. 🙂

    on January 4, 2016

    Kasi, I agree. A traveling partner is always a good thing.

on December 22, 2015

These are all relatable! Before I got married, I really enjoyed my alone time :).

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