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8 Tips To Help You Keep Your Holiday Spending Under Control

From the Editor / November 22, 2015

With the holidays upon us and Black Friday, just 5 days away, I know many of you are checking credit card balances, writing list and planning what stores to hit at Midnight this Friday. Before you go, blow the bank of gifts, take a look at these 8 tips that will keep your spending under control and kept you out of debt.

Give Yourself a Financial Checkup

Put yourself—and your finances—at the top of your holiday gift list. Before you start shopping, give your finances a quick review on the MyMoneyCheckUp tool, a free online self-assessment tool from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

By answering questions about your budget, savings, home expenses and retirement, you’ll have a better understanding of where you stand. Honest answers to this quiz may make you think twice about how much you spend on gifts this year.

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Become a digital coupon clipper

Before you leave the house or check out your online shopping cart, visit sites and for the latest promotional codes for extra savings.

Shopping online can be the best way to make certain you don’t miss these deals and to comparison shop at the same time. But if you like to see it before you spend it, download the PriceCheck app, which allows you to scan items in the store and compare prices before driving all over town. Saves on time, frustration—and gas.

Check out Tips for Sticking to Your Holiday Budget

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