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‘Netflix and Chill’ Equals Casual Sex and This Guy

Dating & Relationships / October 2, 2015

If you ever get a text saying, “Come over to watch Netflix and Chill” and you respond, “Okay, cool,” either you are really with it or have no idea what you are getting yourself into.

For all my 30 and younger readers, I’m sure you all know what that terms means but for my 30+ audience who may not be up on all the new terminology, “Netflix and Chill” is another way for saying, “Let’s have sex while Netflix is on in the background.” If you are saying to yourself, “WTH?” you are expressing my sentiments exactly when I heard the term and found out the meaning.

Now casual sex is nothing new but it still puzzles me that there are folks still indulging in that but with apps like Tinder, it has become more and more ordinary for folks to get down with perfect strangers. Take this guy for instance….


This is Vincent and he made his own Netflix shirt (note the cut out of the word Netflix) to wear for his Tinder profile picture. I’m not sure if you provide the Netflix or he does but he does promise cold drinks for your night of chilling.

Now if you are boo’d up and watching Netflix and Chilling is what you and your boo do, then you will be thrilled to know that Netflix made it easy for you to get the mood just right with their new Netflix and Chill button that they are calling, ” The Switch.”

According to eoline, “The Switch” button

is basically just a mood-maker—a user flips a switch that automatically dims the lights, puts their phone on do not disturb mode and prepares Netflix for streaming.

Talk about setting the mood….

Photo Credit: vrpowell2000/Imgur


Ty Knighten
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