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He Said: Netflix And Chill Is Ruining My Dating Life

Dating & Relationships / October 1, 2015

Talking with one of my friends, he told me about a woman he was getting to know who stated that she’s kind of a homebody. He said that he was as well, so he suggested coming by her place to watch a movie and bring some pizza. He was laughing while telling the story, stating that she went off.

With a high-pitched voice imitating her, he said, “What you think, I’m a hoe or something?”

“I really just wanted to chill and watch a movie,” he said.  She apologized but he said that the damage had already been done. But added, “That was pure comedy.”

I thought that was quite hilarious as well because I have been in that predicament a few times myself.

Over the past few months, Netflix and Chill has become a thing, thanks to the internet. Before it became a running joke on Twitter and the memes began to fly, it was an unwritten code for staying in to “watch a movie.”  Before you’re fully introduced to the characters, coitus is happening.  Single or not, I think by now, I think we have all found ourselves in this position (or varied positions 15 minutes into the film).

netflix-and-chill 2

I have been in this position many times. Why?  I’m a single parent to a four-year-old and there is no co-parenting.  There’s my regular day job, coming home, picking my daughter up, homework, hanging with her for a couple hours, feeding her, reading a story, getting her ready for bed, bedtime (which is so stressful because even if my child is dog tired once the lights go off she has all of the energy in the world), and then spending some time in communication with whomever I’m dating/talking to/philandering with for a little bit.

Add to that I am a freelance writer, so before I pass out I have deadlines and at least 2,000 words to knock out before waking up and doing it all over again.  Everyone who works lives for the weekend; but as a parent, weekends are even busier than Monday through Friday.  There are activities, cleaning up at home, getting a head start on the week, church/mosque/temple, and if you’re fortunate, find a little time to do the little things for yourself to recharge.

When you’re doing all of the above, you spend most of your time awake being filtered. We all need that time to just be ourselves without having to watch what we say.  A place of peace and adult time is crucial and you don’t want to always do that in a public or social setting.  Even then you have to be a little filtered.  There are many times where you’re just tired and you want to watch a movie without being bothered and asked one trillion questions at a lightning pace.  It’s even better to do so with company of the opposite sex.

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