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Coachella Continues…Fall Fashion 2015

Uncategorized / September 29, 2015
This was bound to happen.
One word: Coachella.
Which figuratively means the “spawn of all things ‘cheeky’ and trendy”; The reason why summer 2015 style trends, included crop tops and fringe clothing; And finally, why what is “bound to happen” is that fall, 2015 style trends are a recap of 1970 fashion.
It could be assume that there could be two good reasons not to have seen this coming.
Reason #1
    You (figuratively speaking) lived in a remote village for the last five years. In that instance, smart phones haven’t been invented yet.
Reason #2
   You (agin, figuratively speaking) were taken away five years ago. You lived on a spaceship with aliens whom didn’t have cable.  …Let me start by saying, planet Earth welcome’s  you back. You have much to learn.
Taking note that none of the previous assumptions are true. You just don’t know how we got to this point, then the following commentary should enlighten you as well as provide some additional humor.

Orange is the New Black; Old 70’s is the ‘new’ fall

Fall, 2015 proceeds back to back amazing years at Coachella.
“The final numbers on the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, Calif., are in, and it’s another Boxscore record for the world’s highest-grossing festival”  “ …(Coachella) grossed a staggering $84,264,264 in ticket sales from a total of 198,000 tickets sold..” -Ray Wadell reports in an online, July, 2015 Billboard Biz article.
Coachella attracts fashion bloggers, famous celebrities, and retail brands from all over the world. Tens of thousands of people flock to conjointly “rough” it in the desert, or lavishly live it up in L.A. The expectation of attendees are like any other spring break event -enjoy the party of the year. While partying-it-up, the clothing of choice..(wait for it) -1970 hippie style.
-Can I point out that “roughing it” seems like such a strange thought? After all it is, 2015…
Nevertheless, 90 degree temps, outdoor entertainment, mosh-pits of people, and multiple styles of live stage entertainment reminds me of another famous outdoor concert, Woodstock.
Retailers couldn’t help themselves. All though it only happened 1 year, Woodstock is still considered an iconic 70’ event. And now that Coachella is in its 16th year, its brand is certainly one that retailers could benefit from.  That’s right! Coachella is the cash cow that retailers and marketers have learned how to milk from in spring, in summer, and now in fall.
January, 2015, James Rotting wrote an article for Stereogum called “Coachella Clothing Line Coming to H&M.” The article, in its popularity, -to date- has been shared on facebook over one thousand times and retweeted over two hundred times. In it he opens his commentary by saying, “In the past few years, it’s become a lifestyle (speaking of Coachella). As evidenced by the innumerable fashion recaps that pop up after the fest’ every year. It’s clear that some people are interested in cultivating some kind of Coachella aesthetic.”
He is on to something here. Did you know there is even a Coachella diet? Yes!
At this point, I feel we should have had better warning systems. It’s only for commercial interest that trends are “falling back”… Don’t get me wrong. Classic looks can be cute. However, when an entire generation of style is thrust out into main stream, my feelings are mixed.
I am just not ready to wear moody colors like “brother-bear-brown”, “Dijon-dull-mustard”, or “pea-soup-green”. The sudden emphasis on  70’ trend comes across like a costume. Women need a few seasons to pass by before finally they will marry a concept of style.
This is just the setting for a pop-culture icon warning meme. I have it! That little girl from the movie Poltergeist. In scary text the caption reads, “It’s heeeeere!”
One question tho’. Where was the meme in 1999 when it all began? When Coachella left the commune and began heading east.

Where to go from here?

“Coachella Culture Has Become As Important As The Music”,  an April, 2013 Huffington Post article, written by Rob Loman of the Los Angeles Times, believes. In it he notes Author and USC communications professor Josh Kun’s observation:
“So Coachella really has mastered that feeling of creating a kind of commune, collectivity, a let-it-all-hang-out vibe that in some ways is the nod to Woodstock, although stripped of any countercultural association. It’s become sort of a completely corporate-sponsored Bohemia.”
-“...let-it-all-hang-out...”? The question is -do I want my clothes to let “IT!” all hang out? An emoji of the last thought would be of utter confusion and worry.
Coachella Festival’s fashion influence is everywhere. Low-end and hi-end retailers alike are benefiting from this marketing cash cow. Why stop at fall of 2015?
Booth Moore, a Los Angeles Times Fashion Critic talks about it in her April 2014 article also named “Coachella Festival’s Fashion Influence is Everywhere”. In the article she boasted, “Old Navy, Lacoste, H&M, Teva, Adidas Originals, Guess and Opening Ceremony are just a few of the names that hopped on the Coachella branding bandwagon (that year).”
She continued by saying, “magazines that hosted bashes were Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, Filter, Flaunt and Details, so they could shoot photos of well-dressed guests and have Coachella content for their pages.”

Last thoughts

In the end, there really isn’t any use crying over spilt milk. Like swarming locusts, the influence of Coachella is remarkably evident.
Pull out your bell bottoms, platform shoes, wedgies, or yeah and your dashiki (that was popular this summer too -Afro-feast. Another conversation altogether).
It’s unstoppable. Tickets for 2016 are already being sold. These tickets run $375 for a show pass, to $3400 for a teepee, and $5200 for tent.
I don’t know if the first person who dawned a crop top, flower crown, and bell bottoms, with no shoes at Coachella knew the day would come where professionals in 2015 would be subject to dress entirely like their grandparents.
I leave you with this thought: The idea that women and men want to relive the glory days of their parents and grandparents had to travel a long way. Just think; to get from Indio, California, it had to climb over the Rocky Mountains, across the plain states, pass the Mighty Mississippi, and through the Appalachia Mountains to land in your local east cost retail stores.
The power of a commercial conundrum. SMH! ✌🏾️


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Zen Jay
Zen Jay is a personal wardrobe stylist and style commentator out of Charlotte, NC. Her Brand: Live out loud, let’s talk about the clothes that flatter you while you do. on twitter & Pinterest @rsaccessorize on Instagram & Facebook @zenjay

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on September 29, 2015

Ha! You are hilarious! I loved reading your anecdotes, puns and musings! So 1) a Coachella diet? really? I’m not surprised though 2) Who came up with those color names? Sounds dull and boring to me but maybe because I like bright colors anyway and 3) I guess I did well by keeping my bell bottoms and platform shoes eh? *pulls out my high school gear* LOL

    on October 5, 2015

    Kesha, you did very well by keeping your bell bottoms but the platforms….Girrrlllll!! LMAO!!

      on October 5, 2015

      Girrrrrrllll, you know how many 70s parties those platforms got me to!?! #Keepers LOL

    on October 5, 2015

    Kesha, you did very well by keeping your bell bottoms but the platforms….Girrrlllll!! LMAO!!

on October 7, 2015

The names of those colors don’t sound appealing at all. It makes me think of polyester and bad patterns.

    on October 14, 2015

    Lol!!!!! Right! I totally agree with you

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