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Beauty / August 17, 2015

No pain, no gain?  The old adage isn’t necessarily true when it comes to improving your looks. Smile Simplicity shares five positively painless, needle- and knife-free ways to up your game. Some are inexpensive, temporary tricks that can be used just when you need them, while others offer lasting results that justify the investment.

  1. At-home facelift: The NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device is a microcurrent facial toner that is FDA-cleared for facial stimulation. This petite, portable device gently stimulates the larger surface areas of the face to improve your appearance and provide a 5-minute facial-lift at home, or wherever your travels take you.


It’s a practical and painless way to get a more youthful and beautiful look without resorting to time-consuming, costly invasive procedures.  It may be light as a feather, but the NuFace Mini is a heavyweight when it comes to results.  It is clinically-tested for improved facial contour, skin tone and reduced wrinkles in as little as 5 minutes a day.  In a recent clinical study: 85% of users experienced significant improvements in facial contour, 80% said their face felt more toned and 73% reported seeing significant improvements in skin tone.  Available at

  1. Shapewear:  Flatten your stomach, smooth thighs, lift the derrriere…no nips or tucks needed!   Shapewear has come a long way since it was first introduced, with high-tech yet breathable and lightweight compression fabrics.  The key, according to Lori Caden, co-founder of Belly Bandit, is to target problem areas separately.  An all-over bodysuit-type shaping garment is usually not the solution for most women.
  1. Total Smile Makeover: Porcelain veneers are the be all and end-all of smile improvement solutions, because not only do they whiten teeth permanently, but they also correct chips, cracks and other imperfections.  Don’t like the idea of drilling down natural tooth structure (or the anesthesia involved)?   Consider SmileSimplicity, a new generation of porcelain veneers that does not require any sensitive tooth structure to be drilled away and thus no shots.



  1. Non-surgical eyelid lift: Eye Magic lifts droopy upper eyelids without surgery, using medical grade, hypoallergenic tape strips.   They’re a great and affordable way to look refreshed for a special occasion a photo shoot or after a late night out.  They stay on 12 to 18 hours, and some even use them every
  1. Bye bye, fat cells….later, lipo! BTL VANQUISH ME is a promising new treatment that uses radio frequency waves to target fat cells, heating them up to cause cell death without damaging skin or muscle.   The non-invasive procedure is cleared for non-surgical circumferential reduction of the abdominal area.  The device never touches the skin, but is suspended about 1” above for treatments which last about 30 minutes with no downtime required afterward.   4 – 6 sessions are recommended and patients have reported achieving 60% fat loss in targeted areas.   To find a doctor, visit

Do you have any painless beauty treatments that you swear by?

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