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The Case Of Yung Joc, His Girlfriend, His 4 Baby Mamas and His Wife – Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Dating & Relationships / Entertainment & Celebrities / June 16, 2015

Last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta , “The Truth Hurts” had me feeling some type of way.  I’m going to focus on Yung Joc, his girlfriend, Khadiyah and the 4 mothers of his children.

In this episode, the mothers of his 8 children were “celebrating their blended family” AKA “The Meeting of the Moms.”  I almost thought I was watching a black version of “Sister Wives!”  It was a mess but here’s the rundown…

In case you don’t know who Yung Joc is, he is a has been rapper who has not been relevant since about 2008 or so. He is, however, the father of eight children by 4 different women, one of which is his wife of 13 years.  The last two mothers, each have a set of twins who are under the age of 3, who were pregnant at the same time. Khadiyah is his current girlfriend, who is often referred to as his “Sugar Mama,” because he lives with her and she basically pays for his lifestyle.  Khadiyah has a problem with Sina, the last mother of his children because Sina thinks that Khadiyah broke up their relationship and Sina has gone out of her way to prove that Yung Joc is still being intimate with her by video tapping and showing Khadiyah that his visits to see his kids are not as innocent as he makes them sound.  Did you follow all that?  Well if you think that was a mouth full, check this out…

Now that we’ve got all that background out of the way, what pissed me off about this episode is that you have Khadiyah, a beautiful young lady who seems to be all about her business but she is in love with a man who does not respect her, his marriage or women.  He cheated on every one of the mothers of his children and he isn’t even divorced.  When Yung Joc’s wife said to Khadiyah,

You are dealing with a man that has 8 children by 4 women and who is legally married.  I have been married to that man for 12 *ucking years. You know how much shit I had to deal with…

At the same time, if you knew what type of man that you were dealing with why did you still choose to deal with this drama?  He is a great man but he has issues when it comes to women….

you have no ties to this man…you have no children with this man?


Khadiyah responds that she have ties to Yung Joc because she has invested her energy and money and all the while that she is saying this, his wife yells, “With my husband!”  Khadiyah responds like all side chicks and mistresses do,

If he’s your husband, then why is he with me?

Hold the phone!!! Hold ON!!!

Khadiyah is still dumb enough to believe that just because she is having sex with a married men and taking care of him, as she has been doing, makes her his #1 and she believes that because he is living with her and accept all the things that she gives him, that his wife must not be on her “job” because if she was, he wouldn’t be with her.

My God, when will these side chicks ever learn?  Having sex with a man will not make him love or even respect you. There are just some men in the world who will take what is offered, whether it be sex or money from any woman who is offering it.  That does not mean that his wife is not handling all of her duties as a wife, there are just some men who don’t respect the sanctity of marriage and women like Khadiyah who believe that they can *uck and pay their way to man’s heart and what they more than often will end up with is a wet ass and a broken heart.

Yung Joc’s wife is correct when asking Khadiyah why would any woman want to be with a man who has 8 kids and 4 baby mamas?  What can he offer her?  Can he offer every weekend with at least 1 or 2 of children in their home because he shares custody of his kids?  Could he offer to put something on the gas bill but nothing on the other bills because he is paying child support for 8 children?  Or maybe he can offer her a seat at the table at the next  “Meeting of the Mother’s” gathering?  Someone tell me, what could he offer her because if it is love and sex…that’s not hardly enough to deal with all the drama he brings along with him even on his best day!


Khadiyah has to realize that she deserves so much more than a man like Yung Joc and maybe that realization kicked in during the next scene where she was serving us Lala Rochon and Leon in “Waiting to Exhale,” when she hit Yung Joc with a shoe as she is throwing all his things over the balcony.

Although Khadiyah needs to wake the hell up, Yung Joc was an idiot to even invite her to a gathering with the 4 mother’s of his children given the history that she has had with a few of them.  He walked in with his chest puffed out like he was really doing something and thinking that they would all become the Brady Bunch plus 6 more.

The problem that I have with Yung Joc is that he brings the drama to the table and has hurt all 5 of these women by being disrespectful.  Even when the women were arguing with one another, he didn’t step in to defend anyone for fear that they would all be mad at him because he would have to pick the side of his girlfriend or the mother’s of his children.  What he should have done was just not bring the drama or Khadiyah around them and he needs to decide who he will be with exclusively (even though none of them need to be with him but at least 2 of them would take him back with a quickness).  He also needs to sign those damn divorce papers.  Who in the hell separates for 1at least 10 years and doesn’t get a divorce?  That’s not a good look for him and is definitely not a good look for the women who made the choise to deal with him.

Ladies, we have to standards and stop entertaining and settling for bullshit.  If a man can not respect you, if he is married or even separated, if he has several kids by several different women, if he doesn’t have a place to stay and all that he can offer you is community dick and a lot of words with no actions behind them, exit…stage left and do not look back!  Demand your respect and accept nothing less.


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