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Black Lives Matter! – But Does This Include Black Women

Women Empowerment / May 27, 2015

It is everywhere – Black Lives Matter.  The Black community is standing strong against the brutality and violence taken against them by police forces across the nation.  The movement has gained awareness and support from the socially conscious in our community, to include: Whites, Latinos, Asians, and many more.  The focus is the lack of government accountability when it comes to Black lives and people.

The results of this movement have been marches, protests and even riots.  The public and nation are now taking a closer look at this unkind phenomenon.  So who are the victims of police brutality?  According to The Root, they are Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Kimani Gray, Kendrec Mcdade, Amadou Diallo and many more (   While this list on The Root is extensive, it is limited only to that of black men.   This would lead the inquisitive mind to wonder are black men the only victims of police brutality?! – NO!


According to New York Magazine Black women account for 20% of unarmed Blacks being killed by police officers; however, the movement of Black Lives Matter has failed to mention Rekia Byod, Aiyana Stanley-Jone, Yvette Smith and many more.  The Black Lives Matter movement has taken a patriarchal look at the violence against the Black community; therefore, making women the exception to the rule, instead a fundamental part of the equation that ALL Black Lives Matter.


The Black Lives Matter movement already points to the inherit dignity and respect of minority populations; however, by neglecting the fact that women are also victims of a lack of government accountability, government transparency and also suffer from structural racism, we are negating the true impact of these injustices on our community.  We are abandoning Black women by not recognizing they not only experience the direct brutality of the police, but also endure emotional, financial, and communal pain from the indirect consequences of losing Black men.  Women are left to bare the weight of the family on their own, they are left to suffer from the grief and loss of losing a husband, a son, or a brother.

We need to pay more attention not only to the lives of Black boys and men, who fall victim to police brutality, but also the women.  It is the women for decades who have been blamed for the deterioration of the Black family and community.  By overlooking the structural injustice Black women face we are putting an unrealistic and unbearable weight on them.  This needs to be a joint movement of holding the police and government officials accountable for not treating, both Black men and women, with dignity, integrity and respect.

So lets remember women in the Black Lives Matter movement.

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E.B. Davis
E.B. Davis is the founder and lead consultant of Cupid’s Planner, which specializes in the empowerment and sexual freedom of women. She is passionate about social justice and women’s rights. To learn more about her and visit cupidsplanner

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