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Don’t Know What You Want In A Man? Make A List

Dating & Relationships / April 1, 2015

While you are prepping for your spring cleaning, maybe the “ideal” guy you have in mind and his qualities may need some spring cleaning too. We all have some sort of an idea of what qualities and traits we look for in a guy. But it may help to have a list on paper. This is for two reasons. The first is that we are keeping things in perspective when finding the right mate. And the second reason is that we are not lowering our standards for someone we only want to be with only because we do not want to be alone.

Often times when we look at this list, we will find out more things about ourselves and the type of men we either attracted in the past or the type of men we would like to attract now. Certain key things when making this list will guide you in the right direction:

  • Make a general list of all the things you look for in a guy
  • Make a small list of deal breakers for you (this should not be a large list at all)

black-woman-thinking (1)

At the same time, you will need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Ask yourself if you can bring something to the table just like you would want your man to
  • If you were a guy, would you want to date you right now?

What is important when making this list is that you are not setting unrealistic ass expectations that NO man on earth can meet. Also, you have to learn to bend the rules a little. So what he doesn’t make more than 40k a year? So what he has a small apartment? So what he does not drive a BMW? If you are setting yourself up to only want the material things before you get into anything serious, then maybe you need to evaluate yourself as a person.

Final Thoughts: Have fun with your list, but don’t get too carried away with putting a 30 page essay of what you would like in a man. The list should remain simple, yet achievable.

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