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Amber Rose Talks Nick Cannon, Oral Sex And Letting Men Know That She’s Interested

Entertainment & Celebrities / April 18, 2015

We all know that Amber Rose is not one to bite her tongue and keeping it 100 is what she does.  She recently stopped by Kandi Koated Nights and gave us the real on her former life as a stripper, Nick Cannon and why men are marrying strippers, as well as to plug her new book, “How To Be A Bad Bitch.”

Here’s what Amber Rose had to say….

On Nick Cannon:

“Listen, Nick is fine as *uck, okay. Let’s be honest.  Nick is one of my best friends, he’s my manager. I don’t mix business with pleasure.  You just don’t do that, so as fine as he is we keep it separate.  He’s a beautiful man but we don’t look at each other in a sexual way.

On Why Strippers Are Getting Married At A Faster Rate Than Other Women:

Dancers are naturally confident and that’s what men love.  Men love confidence.  Men love that women can move their bodies in that way, also. it’s very sexy.  Dancers are also very personable. When you’re a dancer, you have to walk around and make your rounds.  You have to talk to people, you have to seduce the money out of their pockets and it’s never in a vindictive way.  They know why you’re there. You know why the guys are there.  So it’s just extreme confidence that men love.

On Letting Wiz “Roam Free”:

Since he’s at the peek of his career, he’s been with me.  You know, as much as it hurts me and I love him, I have to have compassion for that because I was once in his shoes.

I was young and I got out of a relationship and I was famous because I wanted to live.  I needed to live that life before I got with my husband.

On Dating:

I’ve been on two dates.  Listen, I’m all about chemistry and if it’s not there, it’s not there. I just don’t hold on to something that’s just not working.

I really liked James Harding but we are better off just friends. We live far away.  He’s 25 and I’m 31.

On How She Let’s A Guy Know That’s She’s Interested: 

Usually, what I do when I like a guy, I send him flowers.  It depends.  Something maybe masculine.  Like white roses or something like that.  Listen, I like powerful men and I like to dominate them.  How you want a man to caress you, you should caress them, too. It’s not all about the women and I feel that’s where we mess up sometimes.

On Black Guys Not being Good At Oral:

Black guys aren’t really good at giving head.  Ya’ll do too much, ya’ll be too rough!

On Oral Sex:

I really don’t like to get head. I prefer to give head more than I receive head. I get turned on giving head to someone I care about and watching their face and their reaction. That turns me on more than actually getting head.

On Not Being Able To Shop At Victoria’s Secret:

I wear a 36H.  I definitely can’t wear Victoria’s Secret.







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