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5 Signs You Are Suffering From The Grass Is Always Greener Syndrome

Dating & Relationships / April 22, 2015

You know the drill……Meeting someone awesome who meets your must haves, nice-to-haves and deal breakers; however, hesitant to commit because someone better might come along.   You are afraid of missing out on someone smarter, more attractive or more successful.  Don’t do it!  The following are five surefire tips on how to resist the temptation to chase the new, shiny and unknown, also known as “The Grass Is Always Greener Syndrome.”

  1. You were single and praying to meet someone special. The universe heard you and introduced you to someone equally excited about you BUT now you want to buy time  while weighing other options. Perhaps, you start signing up for dating sites or going out more.  Put your insecurities aside and commit to the person who feels the same about you. I know it is scary but it is also more rewarding than the constant hunt.
  2. You start nit picking and looking for excuses to justify your bad behavior. Suddenly, his jokes are no longer funny or she wears too much make up or is too clingy. Stop looking for excuses to create distance. Instead, speak to your girlfriend/boyfriend so he can have the chance to improve.
  3. Your boyfriend took you to a great bed and breakfast last weekend; but, your friend’s boyfriend took her to Paris.  Do not judge your relationship by another couple’s actions. It is a huge waste of time and the beginning of the end. You NEVER know what happens behind closed doors.
  4. You prefer the fantasy of a relationship —Once reality sets in and the imperfections surface on both sides you begin to dream about meeting someone new, shiny and better. The current relationship feels stifling and you are missing out! Real relationships require work from both parties- seeking perfection is a losing proposition and a fantasy can’t keep you warm at night or comfort and support you during a major life event
  5. Your confidence is soaring and your pheromones are in overdrive drawing sexual attention and complements from others on a daily basis. All of sudden you start to rethink your current relationship. Keep the sudden attention in perspective.  Flirting across the room is not a reason to give up or question the relationship you currently have.


Don’t miss out on significant relationship  because things  seem better elsewhere , or  place more value on  people who are  out  of reach or unavailable.  Be satisfied with what you have.  Put all of your energy   into making it the best it can be.

Be forewarned, if you stop focusing on improving your relationship you will lose the fabulous person standing in front of you and end up where you started—alone and asking the universe to help you meet someone special.

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Thank you! Great tips

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