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Surviving Wedding Season When Single

Dating & Relationships / March 30, 2015

The frenzied build up to Wedding season has begun–bridal showers, celebratory dinners, cocktail and bachelor parties are non- stop. Especially, if you are in the inner circle or live in the area.  On one hand, you are excited for your friends and family. On the other hand, it highlights your single status; so, you are dreading going to the festivities alone and the inevitable questions about being single.  Below Dana Michel, Founder and President of a new dating site,  Marriage Material offers some actionable tips to help you enjoy yourself during peak wedding season.

  •  Spread the word

Tell people you would like to meet someone new. Believe me, the older generation will be more than happy to play matchmaker

  •  Dont Hide

Don’t hide at the singles table. Make sure to mingle as much as possible with the other guests. Why not view it as an opportunity to have fun and perhaps meet someone new?

  •   Avoid Gossip

Don’t drink too much or hook up with someone during the festivities leading up to the wedding. Gossip will limit your chances of futures invitations and introductions.

  •  Wingman/Wingwoman as + One

It’s best to go alone if you don’t have anyone special to take as a + one. However, an alternative is to take a wingman/ wing woman to make you feel more comfortable.

  • Scent of Desperation

Do not come across as desperate to get married or bitter because it has not happened for you yet.   Lighted up and enjoy the moment. People run when they smell desperation or sarcasm.

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