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6 Lessons My First Love Taught Me About Love and Dating

Dating & Relationships / March 9, 2015

We all remember our first love. The butterflies in our stomach, nervousness, the fear of actually talking to them face to face, the fear of rejection? We’ve all had these experiences. As for me, I was a little late in the game as I did not have my first until I was 13. The moment I met him, all sorts of emotions and feelings I never had before all came out. My cousin was the first person I told in confidence about him, although it was a successful failure trying to hide what I was feeling. To this day, we are still social to each other. But like every first love, there are let downs and disappointments. Once I was comfortable enough to start speaking with him, we eventually became friends. Fast forwarding a few years later, me and him got into a huge argument over something stupid (and to this day I can’t remember what the extent of the argument was about). But I do remember how bad the argument had intensified between us. For a while we did not speak to each other. But because I was friends with him, I did not want to flush a friendship down the drain. Me being the bigger person, I apologized for my part. Even though we don’t carry the same relationship (or friendship, if you will) like we did before, my first love did teach me a lot about myself and the relationships that would follow in my life.

  1. Some relationships can be saved while others can’t. If you are the only one making countless efforts to work something out and the other is not making an initiative to do the same, it’s probably time to put the final nail on the coffin.
  2. Saying sorry can be easy, but it can also be hard. Before I hated to own up to my faults and apologize even if I was wrong. As I have matured, I realized that simply saying “I’m Sorry” and meaning it exemplifies growth.
  3. Bad communication can lead to the downfall of any relationship. As a true Gemini, it’s important for me to have great communication with all the people in my life.
  4. It’s okay to have feelings towards someone. As something I am battling with now, I have become almost like an expert in masking any feelings or emotions towards the opposite sex. But you have to let someone in sometime.
  5. Saying I love you has always been the hardest for me. He taught me how to be strong and confident enough to say it.
  6. Knowing what I want and going for it. Life is about taking risks.

I have carried all of these key points with every relationship (this includes friendships) I have had. So this is more of a thank you to him and something I will continue to carry with me.

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Krystal Richards

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