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5 Ways To Add Role-Playing To Your Sex Life

Dating & Relationships / Sex / March 25, 2015

Let’s face it, sometimes things can get stale and routine in our marriages and relationships and as women, we may need to spice things up in the bedroom to keep the fires burning.  With children, the demands from both work and home and trying to keep our partner satisfied, as well as trying to keep ourselves up and feeling sexy, juggling everything can be overwhelming.

While we can’t always control everything that is happening in our lives, we can control what goes on in the bedroom and by doing a little role-playing you will not only surprise your mate but keep him running to the bedroom every night to see what naughty surprises you’ve cooked up.

Now I know that some of are feeling a little unsure about the thought of role-playing and using costumes in the bedroom but trust me, your mate will love it.  Here are a few tips to help you:

Discuss Your Fantasies With Your Mate:  Before you greet your man at the door with a school girl’s costume on, be sure to discuss what both of your fantasies are.  Share with him the sexy things that may turn you on in the bedroom that you just may have never shared with him before and be sure to listen to his, as well.

Here are a couple of suggestions that you may offer when you discuss the role-playing aspect of your fantasies:

Teacher – Student

Football Player – Cheerleader

Executive – Secretary

Plumber – Housewife

Photographer – Model

Escort – Client

Doctor – Nurse

Stripper – Client

Be sure not to laugh or make fun of his fantasies because you want him to feel comfortable when you surprise him and not think that you have lost your mind. Above all, make sure to express your limits.

Start Off Slow:  Instead of starting off with costumes, why not simply role play without them.  If he likes naughty nurses, pretend to be that without the costume at first, that way you get used to role-playing a bit and see how far you two can take it and how amazing the sex can be.  After a time or two, you can step up to costumes and really surprise your man.

Get Into The Role:  Now that the two of you are comfortable, it’s time to take things to the next level.   Choose a character that the both of you were on the same page with and that also turns you on.  When searching for a place to buy your role-playing costumes, has everything that you need.

If you would like to be a naughty executive, a cheerleader, a nurse, or if you need sexy lingerie to play the role of a stripper, you will find everything that you need, plus all sorts of costumes that you would have never even thought of like.

role playing 1

Set The Stage:  Now that you have your costume, you want to set the stage.  Send the children to your parents for the night and pull out all the stops.  If you’re being a naughty executive, get into the role and meet him at the door with a your sexy costume on and if he needs you to take notes. If you have a  home office, lead him to the desk, and sit on top of it, in front of him  to be sure that he gets the full effect. Take “notes” and be flirty.  I’m sure from there, the two of you can handle the rest.

Whatever the role you intend on playing, be sure to have everything ready so that there are no moments of unsureness or trying to find what it is that you are using to turn your man on.

Have Fun:  While you may feel as though your role is award-winning, don’t get so caught up in your acting skills that you forget to have fun.  The entire point to role-playing is to not only make things hot again in the bedroom but to reestablish that connection with your partner and to enjoy one another in ways that you have never explored before.

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