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Singles In America…The REAL Deal

Dating & Relationships / February 11, 2015

This year’s event, Singles In America, was once again informative and shocking.  In its 5th year, the study “examines the attitudes and behaviors of over 5,600 singles across the nation, of every ethnicity and religion, from 18-70+ in age, in order to get a full glimpse on how singles view love and relationships today.”

Dr Helen Fisher, Dr. Justin R. Garcia and their friends at Research Now, asked singles over 100 questions ranging from love and technology that independent, educated women are having on single men to get the real deal answers on what Singles in America are really like.  Here are a few of the findings that I found to be the most interesting:

The first one, Stevie Wonder could have come up with and thus is the cause of many relationship break ups and/or arguments over social media and one of the reasons why I don’t believe that you should be friends with people who you are dating on social media but the Singles in America survey found that

On social media, Singles show interest by liking or commenting on pics.  38% of men and 39% of women like pics when they are interested in someone and 34% of men and 31% of women comment on pics when they are interested in someone. 

Now if you are a self-proclaimed, Kim Kardashian Jr aka The Queen or King of Selfies, that just may be a problem because

57% of Singles find excessive selfies a turn off. 

Now this one REALLY surprised me and made me think that maybe I need to get my emoji game up….

54% of single emoji users had ex in 2014 compared to 31% of non-emoji users. 


The Singles in America study also debunked several myths that Americans believed to be true.  Here are just a few of them:

Women are more romantic than men….FALSE

Men are actually more romantic than women and fall in love more often than women.

Men fall in love faster than women do because they are so visual. 

When a man does fall in love, he wants more public displays of affection.

Men wants to move in faster than women. 

Now, that was a shocker.  I would have never thought that men are more romantic than women and just where can I find that man (I mean the romantic one…not the move in and all that stuff)?  LOL!

No shocker here…



How many of you believe that going out for coffee is a first date or maybe if you meet someone online, that meeting for coffee constitutes a first date?  If you believe this to be true, you are not alone.

50% of Singles think that having  together is an official first date.

For all of you drama queens out there who love to run to social media to vent about any and everything, you may want to knock it off, if you are looking for a man because

65% of men are turned off when you air your emotional drama in posts.

The kicker is and how many of us have done this before?

49% of men and 59% of women are turned off if you ask them to unfriend their ex!

Now the next myth is not a shocker to me because it sort of explains how I feel about relationships….

Women are the commitment phobes. 

Women want more free space and want to hang out with their friends.

I can go on and on about the Singles in America study but I would like for you to take a look at the video here and tell me what was the most surprising for you and what confirmed what you already thought and believed about Singles in America.  Leave me a comment and tell me all about it.

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