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The One Thing That Should Be On The Top Of Every Single Woman’s “List”

Dating & Relationships / Single Moms Talk / December 3, 2014
I do not remember where I even got the idea from to make a list of all the things I want in my mate. In my mid 20s the list was long…I still have it somewhere, memory keeper that I am. My list was long and it shows how young, romantic, inexperienced, dreamy and damn clueless I was about life and well…men. I was then and still am somewhat naive when it comes to men.

At 20 something, I was a single mom with little relationship or even life experience. My list then had these traits listed: God-fearing, matched in education, funny, family oriented, handsome, clean and neat finger nails, no children, never been married, good credit, honest and loves kids.
What Should Be On The Top Of Every Single Woman's "List"

After being married for 15 years and now going through a divorce, my list looks more like this: Loyal.

Do all of the other things I wanted from a mate in my 20s still matter? Absolutely. Do these lists mean I won’t be hurt again? Absolutely not. But as recently as today, I set out to update that list and still it began and ended with one word-loyalty.

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Pascha Shepard
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on December 3, 2014

First off, I’m so sorry about your divorce. It’s funny though how we can look back and our “lists” and after being in a unhealthy relationship, that “list” can be reduce to one or two words. God bless and hope you find the one you deserve and one who respects you.


on December 21, 2014

When I was in my 20s I didn’t have a list of what I wanted from my ideal mate.Maybe that was my probelm. After being with the wrong person for 17 years I know no what I don;t want and that list is pretty long.

    on December 21, 2014

    LOL! Nancy, I agree. After a bad relationship, we sure do know what we don;t want and what we won’t settle for.

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