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Sarah Jakes and Touré Roberts Tie the Knot

Entertainment & Celebrities / November 24, 2014

Sarah Jakes and Touré Roberts tied the knot this weekend.  Daughter of TD Jakes, Sarah Jakes and One Church International Pastor, Touré Roberts wed after a very quick engagement…2 months to be exact.

Sarah Jakes and Touré Roberts met this spring during a promo tour for her book, Lost and Found, while taping an episode of the Dr. Phil Show.

Sarah Jakes and Touré Roberts Tie the Knot


In a sermon posted on Vimeo entitled “5 Keys to Identifying your Soul Mate”,Pastor Roberts tells how their first date came about during a church service that they attended:

I take her hand and it’s the first time our hands touch. I take her hand and I am not holding the hand of a stranger.

I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I’m like, you are somebody who means something seriously significant to me, just by the embrace of the hand. That’s how deep it is.”

Then, we’re getting ready to part and she stepped out on faith and she said, ‘I’m gonna be in LA in a few weeks and you are taking me to dinner.’ I said, ‘Yes ma’am.’

Our first date was magical

For three hours, it’s like we were talking to each other, but we were each other.

….The next morning I told God, ‘I am utterly smitten right now by the spirit of this woman.’ She’s a beautiful woman but what got me was her spirit, seriously.

Pastor Roberts explained that he had committed to God before meeting Sarah, that he would not date and was going to focus on him.  He said that he prayed for clarity,

The only way I’m gonna open myself up to anybody is if you bring them—and I’m feeling like you may have. So I need to confirm this, because if this is you, great. But if it’s not you, I’m taking my heart back.

He received that clarity and her asked Sarah to be his wife on September 22nd on a trip to Maui.

The couple sat down with his congregation on October 22nd and shared their journey to love and answered questions from members.  Both Sarah and Pastor Roberts have children from previous marriages and when speaking on their children, they said that when the kids met they all “instantly clicked.”

During that question and answer session with Pastor Roberts, he told the congregation,

Every disagreement that we’ve had, we’ve always come out on the other side with a better understanding of how to love one another, and how to communicate more effectively with one another.

Sarah Jakes is the daughter of Potter’s House Pastor T.D. Jakes and has endured several challenges in her life as a result of being an unwed teenage mom at age 14 and a divorcée after marrying ex-NFL player Robert Henson in 2008. Through those challenges, she has become a stronger woman and used her experiences to young women. She also authored two books including her new book Colliding with Destiny: Finding Hope in the Legacy of Ruth.

Roberts is the pastor of One Church International, and has a ministry to those in the TV, film and music industries. Roberts also founded the Artist Resource Center to offer entertainment technology and business training in state-of-the-art multimedia facilities.

While some people may criticize the fact that Sarah Jakes and Touré Roberts got married too fast, others may say that when it is ordained by God, who cares how fast you get married, just as long as God is involved and in their situation, we believe that he is and we wish them well.

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