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3 Reasons Why Women Should Be Their Own Priority

Dating & Relationships / He Said / October 20, 2014
I will not disclose her name!  She tweeted one day “I want to be someone’s priority.” I don’t know how you ladies would internalize that. It honestly doesn’t matter how you ladies would take it, that’s because it was geared towards men. I will assure you that to a man, a tweet like that more than likely could spell doom for a woman. This piece today is about all the wrong places a tweet like this could land you.
It’s often times said that men don’t think things through enough in contrast to how women may examine situations. I can promise you one thing though; we’re not stupid.  Here are three reasons why women should be their own priority.

1.  Some men are smart enough to simply use your vulnerability against you

3 Reasons Why Women Should Be Their Own Priority

In this viral world we live filled with status updates and tweets, there’s this constant need to inform. Some things need not be said. A woman saying that she wants to be someone’s priority raises all of our eyebrows as men. A gentleman might feel sorry for you and give you pity. The asshole sees this and begins a plan of attack. The idea for you ladies is to not be in so much of a rut that you let your emotion at the time allow you to be manipulated.
Love is cool, I’m an advocate of it. I know what it is to be wanted and to want someone. I know what it is to love and be loved back; it’s beautiful. It’s fine to want these things; it is not fine to air a PSA about it. A statement like that or even the thought of it should harken you to look into yourself a bit. Ask yourself why do you even feel that way. So much of what I say today will be proverbial but relevant.

2.  You ladies have to embrace your own greatness

3 Reasons Why Women Should Be Their Own Priority

There are things about all of you that are unique. You have so much to offer anyone and these are the things you have to remind yourself of daily.
There’s no shame in putting little notes around your room or house to remind you of the greatness you possess. No one else will be your biggest fanatic. It all starts with you. Create affirmations that will change your attitude. The phrase “real recognize real” isn’t a joke. Your change in attitude of how you feel about yourself will then in turn raise your standards. You wouldn’t be bamboozled by the wrong type of men anymore.

3.  In other words, you’re building yourself up to be your own priority

3 Reasons Why Women Should Be Their Own Priority

A real man can’t help but respect and appreciate that. The truth is you won’t truly be someone else’s priority til you are your own. It’s important to always keep that in mind.
You only experience happiness fully when you’re happy about yourself and what you bring to the table.
No one can take such things away from you. I’m happy all the time because I recognize what makes me great. I know I’m great deliberately, and I want to be surrounded by it as well.
I just want to say again that I understand the frustration that you may feel, and we all want somebody. It’s healthy to want. But they say you have to make your next move your best move. Until you embrace the good you have to give you’ll still be feeding the vicious cycle. So if there’s any ladies out there that want to be prioritized… start prioritizing yourself. I’ve probably told you the quickest way to truly gain a man’s respect…you’re welcome.
These are my words and I make no apologies.
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on December 18, 2013

Definitely agree. I am definitely my own priority.

    on December 18, 2013

    If only more women did…

on December 20, 2014

Right on, we should come first. If a man puts you off or doesn’t know your worth, throw him back.

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