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Ray J and Girlfriend, Princess Love Break Up And Fight Over Dog

Entertainment & Celebrities / October 13, 2014

I can’t say that I’m surprised about this breakup, since Ray J is the ultimate party guy and well, I don’t have much to say about ex-stripper, Princess Love. Anywho, according to TMZ, the two have broken up and are now fighting over custody their dog, Boogotti.

Ray J and Princess Love (what kind of name is that), lived together and things were all good when Princess Love was packing her things to leave Ray J.  It was not until she started to pack Boogotti’s things that Ray J went off and his security had to step in and managed to take possession of the 3 pound Maltese and Ray J has had “custody” of it every since.

Ray Jay and Girlfriend, Princess Love Break Up And Are Fighting Over Custody Of Their Dogs

Now, the loss of Boogotti isn’t a total loss for ex-stripper, Princess Love, as she still has custody of Boogotti’s 3 siblings, who according to TMZ have been pretty sad since being separated from their brother and have been crying for him.

Princess Love may be upset over losing Boogotti but made sure that she let the world know on Instagram that she wasn’t tripping off of Ray and was now #single by posting:

Not everyone that you lose is a loss.

Princess Love later removed the post but replaced it with one of herself and ex-boyfriend, Floyd Mayweather.

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