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The Yoni Egg… An Egg For Your Vagina

Sex / August 4, 2014
I can’t believe I am writing about this, but I am. Have you ever heard of a Yoni Egg? Well, I hadn’t until I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and a picture caught my attention. It was a beautiful egg-shaped stone. The caption read, The Yoni Egg. I read a few of the comments and what stuck out for me was, “Can you use it during sex?” WHAT? Can you use WHAT during sex? This egg-shaped stone? The response was,“Yes, your partner will enjoy it as well and you can reach a wonderful orgasm!” Ummm ok, I went into research mode – What is a Yoni Egg?
The Yoni Egg... An Egg For Your Vagina
Yoni is a Sanskrit word for Vagina. It is a semi precious stone that is inserted into the womb space for reasons of enhancing energy, creation, and womb wellness. Source

Benefits of the Jade Yoni Egg:

  • Feel more grounded and centered in yourself
  • Be more in tune with your sensuous capacity
  • Massage your Yoni from the inside
  • Experience pleasant aliveness in your feminine center
  • Increase your flow of sexual hormones
  • Develop stronger orgasms and pleasure
  • Heighten the responsiveness of your G-Spot
  • Maintain healthy reproductive organs
  • Support your tantric practice
  • Improve pelvic and bladder health
  • Prevent incontinence in later years

The Yoni Egg... An Egg For Your Vagina

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