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How To Be Better In Your Next Relationship

Dating & Relationships / He Said / July 14, 2014

You’re rushing it, you really are. Yes my fine ladies,  I’m speaking to you. I want to take time out today to reassure all ladies that you are not immune to kissing frogs. Are you tired of the bullshit? I’m sure you are, and guess what anyone else who goes through whack partners are tired as well. We have to live. Live meaning, we have to feel the good and the bad that life offers. The bad things can surely include break ups. It also could deal with dealing with assholes. There are a few scenarios prevalent this week that caught my eye and simply prompted me to write this.


Giving up on trust

How To Be Better In Your Next Relationship

I know when you get taken advantage of or deceived you no longer feel to trust anyone. To trust also means to make oneself vulnerable. Once you’re hurt that’s pretty impossible initially. The truth is we want to trust, we all want someone special to confide in. My verdict… when someone says they’re not trusting anyone anymore they’re simply trying to convince themselves. We’re social beings we need to trust someone in this world. If they haven’t come along yet then they just haven’t. Don’t give up on trust, just watch who you give it to.


Not embracing single life

My time being single has done nothing but great things for me as a person. A main reason why I’ve been single for so long was really because I didn’t think I would be the man  I wanted to be for my woman. What I mean is that I want to be an active participant in a relationship, I want to listen, support, make you laugh, make you happy and etc. I’ve given myself enough time now and think differently. I’m someone I want to be, and with that I’m sure I’m someone that another would want to be with. To my ladies, being single isn’t a sad thing. Take that time to build yourself up even more. You have a world of things to offer, channel it somewhere and build your pride. When you have a clear identity of you you’ll have a clear identity of what you want.


Beating a dead horse

How To Be Better In Your Next Relationship

Know when enough is enough ladies. Too often you all find yourselves in very passionate, serious, toxic, abusive relationships. It may not have to be all of the above (if it is then run). But understand that you don’t have to take shit!  I believe you loved once you could love again, I definitely have. As I aforementioned when you have a clear identity of you, you won’t stand for what you feel is subpar treatment or respect or whichever. Give yourself more credit, when you do a man will…but it starts with you.

These are my words and I make no apologies.

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