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Because You Are Amazing, Just the Way You Are…

Women Empowerment / July 15, 2014

This is not just a line from a Bruno Mars song.  This is a lifestyle, a feeling, a way of being.  It is a deeply embodied mantra, no matter where you are, even in the darkest dark of the deepest night that you are “enough”.   I have recently been to this deepest of nights and through a big, ugly storm. Well, let’s not diminish this…it was a Category 4 hurricane.  It was very dark, and I doubted many a truth, including doubting if I had been or was amazing in this crisis, and if I had been “enough” throughout this storm. I know – you are asking yourself the question – if I believe this “amazing” business, if I “mantra-ize this”, am I being egotistical or haughty (do we still use that word in the 21st century?)  I say to you – hell to the no.  Ego has nothing to do with this.  You are being real, and coming face to face with a very interesting and accurate series of facts:

  • You are amazing because you breath
  • You are amazing because you exist on earth
  • You are amazing because you as you are in this moment are enough

Because You Are Amazing, Just the Way You Are…

 Enough – despite the chaos of your life you’d prefer would relocate.  Enough – despite that extra 20 (really 25) pounds that is hanging around your mid-section (or lower, heaven forbid).    Enough – although he isn’t calling or texting you.  Enough – even though you aren’t making a 7 figure income, yet.  Truly I say – you are enough and amazing just the way you are – today, this minute, this second.  And although you may be in a place or a land of a momentary “endless stormy night”- eventually the tide turns, and those endless nights become endless days when the light never fades.  The darkness always breaks through into the light. I believe (there that mantra business again) that at this moment, and in every moment, I am the Empress of my life, the powerhouse, the supreme ruler of this space.  I am important because for no other reason that I exist.  The world is waiting with breath that is baited for that which only I have been blessed enough to offer.  I have an insatiable hunger to give that which is me, and that is enough.  It is not deterred by my dress size, or the number on my scale, or what some person in my office whispered about me behind my back.  What they think of me is none of my business.

You are enough and amazing – not just one giant problem to be fixed, nor are you defective.  On the contrary, you are completely magnificent from the top of your head to the tips of your toes – right now, and in this moment.  And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, because you’re amazing, just the way you are…

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Carol Fitzgerald
Carol Fitzgerald Tyler believes in the basics - be authentic and transparent in all things. After releasing 103 pounds without surgery, she loves telling her inspiring story and working with people on their own transformations as often as possible. She is an executive, motivational speaker, author, strategic consultant, and distance event participant - to date, including four full marathons, twelve half marathons, three 60 Mile 3 Day for the Cure events, and numerous 10k and 5K’s - all after the age of 40 and a challenging diagnosis of fibromyalgia. She doesn't go fast – she just keeps on going. Carol has been a nationally featured speaker and industry recognized expert in organizational change management and communications strategy. She is a major advocate of seizing the moment, and of dumping slumps - hers and yours! Committed to the mantra "Show Up And Try" - Carol loves to find a way - no matter what. Facebook - Carol Fitzgerald Tyler LinkedIn - Carol Fitzgerald Tyler Twitter - @cfitztyler

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