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7 Ways To Tell If Your Man Is Cheating

Dating & Relationships / June 9, 2014

Ladies, let’s be honest, there are men out there that cheat and sometimes those men, are our own.  How many of you can honestly say that you have never been cheated on or that you have never suspected your man of cheating?  Not many of us, can honestly say that.

Sometimes when we are in a relationship our intuition tells us that something is wrong.  Our man’s patterns change and he’s doing things that he’s never done before and although we know something is up, more times than not, many of us ignore what is right in front of our faces for several reasons:

  • We simply don’t want to believe it
  • We are comfortable in our situation and don’t want to disrupt things
  • We have married
  • We have kids
  • We don’t want to be alone

I can understand your reasoningS, and many of you may say, “I think my man is cheating, but how can I be sure?  What are ways to tell if my man is cheating?”  I have come up with a few of the top ways to help you tell if your man is cheating (please understand that this list is not all inclusive).

7 Ways To Tell If Your Man Is Cheating


1.  What Was Public, Is Now Private

Does your man, now have a password on his phone when he never had one before?  Were you able to go on his Facebook page and see everything but now, you can’t?  RED FLAGS!!  What used to be public, is now private and this is a big sign that he is hiding something that he does not want you to know about.

2.  Doesn’t Need You Anymore

I all of a sudden, your man who used to depend on you to help him match his tie to his suit, find his socks or pick up a card for his mother’s birthday, can do ALL of those things and everything else he needed YOU for,  by HIMSELF now…he may be cheating!

Men rely on us for a lot.  They become needy little boys, who can’t seem to remember how they did things themselves before they got with us.  They would lose their heads if we weren’t there to tell them where to find it.

Now, your once needy man is suddenly independent and can do everything by themselves.  He’s washing his clothes and he hasn’t washed his clothes since you’ve been together.  He’s even washing the sheets!!! Girl, you know your man doesn’t do laundry!  Something is most def, wrong and there is a RED FLAG on the field!!! 

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3.  No Longer Argues About Things That Used To Make Him Upset

7 Ways To Tell If Your Man Is Cheating

Ladies, just like us, when a man is done, the little things or things in general, that used to piss him off, no longer matter anymore.  At this point, he has become emotionally detached and no longer gives a damn.  Usually, at this point, he may have been cheating for a while and feels that he has options and you no longer are an option for him.

4.  Schedule Changes

If your man starts to “work late,” changes his gym schedule from before work to late at night?  Something is wrong.  Men are creatures of habit and ladies, I am sure that many of you can tell me where your man is during anytime of the day.  If he starts to drastically change his movements all of sudden, and you can no longer get in touch with him, like you used to throughout the day or evening, something is not right.

5.  His Phone Is Glued To His Hand

7 Ways To Tell If Your Man Is Cheating

Your man, who used to only text because you texted him, is now texting ALL THE TIME, to his “homeboy,”  Houston we have a problem!! First off, most men do not like to text and many others don’t even like to talk on the phone.  If your man, begins to revert to a teenaged girl, and is always texting and is texting and smiling, taking his phone to the bathroom with him, etc…you know the rest.

6.  He Changes The Way He Dresses

Your man had always been the jersey and sweats type of dude, no matter how many times you bought him, nice button downs, jeans and loafers; he wasn’t having it,  All of a sudden, he starts to wear the things that you bought him that have never seen the light of day, or he goes out and buys a new wardrobe, complete with new cologne.  Something is going on and he is trying to impress someone or his new boo, likes him in the things that you tried to get him to wear and doesn’t like his old cologne, which you loved. If this has happened ladies, your man is probably on his way out.  He is, at this point, probably on his way out of your life.

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7.  He No Longer Cares About Having Sex With You

You know how your man’s sex drive is.  If he goes from wanting it every day to not even trying to touch you, something is wrong.  If your man is suddenly “okay” with you turning him down for sex because you’re too tired, etc. something is not right.

This is usually the biggest red flag that something is going on because let’s be real, men are sexual beings and for a man to go from wanting you all the time or at the very least a couple of times a week, to not at all, he is either getting it from somewhere else or working his way towards it.  Don’t feel relieved if your man is suddenly not hitting you up for sex all of the time.  He is not all of a sudden giving you a pass, he is up to something it up in someone else.

Ladies, if your man is displaying any, all or some of the 9 ways to tell if your man is cheating, a discussion is needed.  You have to confront your man even though it will be a tough conversation to have.  The sooner you get things on the table,  the sooner you will have the answers you need and from there you will have to ignore all of the reasons that kept you from turning a blind eye to what was right in front of you all alone and make some hard decisions about the next step in your relationship.



Are their more ways to tell if your man is cheating?

Do you believe this list to be true?

How would you respond if your man was cheating?

Why do women ignore what is right in front of their faces?

If you have dealt with a cheating mate, how did you find out he was cheating?

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