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5 First Date Mistakes That Women Make

Dating & Relationships / June 11, 2014

If you’re getting back on the horse or have been in the game for a while, dating can definitely be a challenge.  For many of us, getting a first date is not the problem; it’s the second date that eludes us.  Here are some of the most common mistakes that women make when dating.


1.  Talking About Your Ex

The first date is not the time to talk about your ex.  The goal of a first date is to get to know the other person.  Is is not the time to discuss, bash or reminisce about your ex.  On a first date, what is important to a man is that you are single and that you are interested in him.  Not still pining over your ex or bashing him to a potential new boo.


2.  Checking Your Phone…Over & Over Again

5 First Date Mistakes That Women Make

Unless you have a child who is at home sick (if this is the case you probably shouldn’t be out anyway), put your phone away.  No one wants to be out with someone who is one their phone, updating their Facebook status, taking pics of their dinner for Instagram or tweeting.  It’s just plain rude!  A man wants your attention, just as you should want his, so keep your phone in your handbag and turn down the volume.


3.  Talking Too Much

Don’t make him go to restroom and call for help during your date by talking entirely too much.  A man does not care about the allergic reaction you had to crab the last time you ate it on a date with guy named Ted who was a firemen, who you went out with twice but who had crooked teeth, etc.  Your date does not care!  Keep all the extras until date 4 or 5.  Sharing too much information and not giving him the opportunity to talk is a turn off and you can bet by doing this, there won’t be a second date.


4.  Acting Entitled

5 First Date Mistakes That Women Make

There is no bigger turn off than a woman acting like it is a privilege to take her out.  If you have forgotten all your manners, don’t say please or thank you , are rude to the wait staff and have a very snotty attitude; you can bet there won’t be a second date.  Remember, it’s not easy for a man to plan a date.  They have anxiety on a first date, just like us.  By acting like he’s going out with the Queen Bee and needs to bow down at your feet, isn’t cool and he may just being asking for the check before dessert is even served.


5.  Having Sex On The First Date

Ladies, I understand that we are grown women and some have the motto, “If it feels good, do it,” but by jumping into bed with a man on the first date will probably not land you a second date and if it does, it may only be because he wants to have sex again.

Let’s be real, what does having sex on the first date, REALLY say about you?  Most men, at least those with any standards, will not take a women seriously who was easy to get.  Men enjoy a chase and if you are giving it up on the first date, you are either, horny or not looking for a second date or a serious relationship.  I suppose that if a serious relationship is not what you want, then more power to you.  However, if you want to find someone to be in a serious relationship with, you need to get to know him first and figure out if you are compatible before you go having sex with and having your feelings hurt when you become emotionally attached and he thinks of you only as a piece of  ass.


What mistakes would you add to this list?

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