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Arched Backs And Dirty Talk

Sex / June 26, 2014

F—k me.  No, not f—k me as in something has gone terribly wrong, palm to the forehead I can’t believe this happened f—k me, but f—k me as in lay me down and have your way with me.   I could ask him to make love to me but on tonight I’m telling him to f—k me.

Oh don’t act so surprised.  If you’ve never said it you’ve thought it.  I just so happen to sometimes say it the moment after the thought takes residence in my mind.  Yes it’s gutter, and unladylike, and downright lewd, but it’s the stuff that arched backs, pointed toes, excitement, and high notes are made of.

Trust me – though I know you don’t trust me seeing as my first contributing post was about swallowing and on this post the F-bomb made its debut on the first sentence – nonetheless, I am asking that you trust me when I tell you that talking dirty is not relegated to porn stars or Janet Jackson aka “Miss Jackson if you’re nasty”.  It is also for us ladies who cross our T’s and dot our I’s.  It is for those of us who generally ditch the F-bomb and opt instead for words like, “thank you,” “please,” and “excuse me.”

dirty talk 2

However, and this is a big however, there are times when we need to check the pleasantries at the door and let go of some of our inhibitions (this is where you consider swallowing) and be as raw as our mate can tolerate.  Thank you sex education instructor for teaching us appropriate anatomy terms, we will surely use them when teaching our children and when dictating medical instructions. When we’re in the bedroom, or on the stairs, or in the sauna, or wherever we land when the mood may strike and we’re looking to release some tension our dirty talk will prevail and the word breasts will be swapped for any number of words that porn stars and perverts (and I) use on a regular.  It just is what it is.

Dirty talk, naughty talk, sexy talk, whatever the term, can be both arousing and stimulating to the senses.  Walk into the house, kiss your mate, and whisper in his/her ear, “f—k me,” and if your mate’s day hasn’t (or in some cases if it has) been a horrible getting f—ked ‘o-thon where everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, I can almost guarantee that the two of you might be on the way to one of the most stimulating evenings ever.

I realize that some of us may not say anything at all during sex, with the exception of, “Are you finished?” or “Is it in?”  (If this sounds like a replay of last nights escapade between you and your mate then I apologize for my vulgarity and my condolences to you and yours for the extreme boredom you must experience in you sex life.)  I understand that it can be totally embarrassing to talk dirty, especially if you’re a dirty talk novice, so I’ll share a tip from a dirty talk expert (yes, there are actually people who have hustled someone into paying them for these “tips”) and encourage you to describe to your partner, either in person or via text, an explicit sexual fantasy to help guide you on the road to talking dirty and maybe to the best sex of your life.

dirty talk 3

My tip:  If you’re feeling uncomfortable about talking dirty and have no idea what to say try either listening to your favorite “love making” CD or put that CD on during foreplay and whisper some of the sexiest lines of the song into your mates ear while making love.

Being obscene and talking dirty does not have to be one in the same.  The F-bombs and other X-rated words can be tucked away and the sexual talk can still be just as arousing.  After all it’s not necessarily what you say, but how you say it. Talking dirty and being on the receiving end of dirty talk is certainly not for everyone and it’s not necessary every single time but sometimes it takes an F-bomb, and maybe some pineapples, a Cinnabon (thank you Arthur and David for your advice), and a deep inhale, to get the job done.  Because I am such a f–king lady I’m doing all of the above followed by a curtsy as I’m applauded for a job well done.

Can you talk the talk or does too many words turn you off?

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on May 24, 2013

Ohhh I love this post. I am not a big dirty talker at all. I get shy. I get nervous. But I definitely want to step it up. I do think there should be a good balance though, I don’t like it if my mate talks too much during sex, I do like a statement here and there, of possession and saying what to do. It’s hot.

    on May 24, 2013

    Kammie, talking dirty is such a turn for me. I can’t stand silence during sex. I want to know that I am the! LOL!!

    on May 24, 2013

    Even a lady gets dirty, she just doesn’t do so in public. Let loose then blame it on the champagne. Cue the music then recite some lines. Think in your mind, I’m such a f*cking lady!

on May 24, 2013

Okay, talk that sh*t…. I enjoy a little dirty talk during sex it is definitely a turn on. I think there shouldn’t be any limitations in the bedroom with the one you love. Keep it fresh and have fun practice makes perfect. Great post.

    on May 24, 2013

    I agree, Anjani…no limitations! Keep it Sexy! Such A. Lady did an awesome job with this post!

    on May 24, 2013

    A turn on indeed.

on May 24, 2013

I love to talk! It gets you to a point of no return. It’s always great to let go and be FREE! Once u try it you’ll never be quiet!

on May 24, 2013

I love this!!! I love how you can take a topic that everyone wants to talk about (but normally doesn’t) and make it so natural,funny, and makes a girl feel good! #dirtytalk

on May 24, 2013

Oh me oh my! Lololol loved it. I talk dirty, give dirty looks and all the dirty you can think of HA! Thanks for this post, shocked me about 10 words in but nonetheless LOVED!

on May 24, 2013

All I got to say is let go and have fun

on May 25, 2013

Excellent post. I don’t know why people assume that women don’t have an inner porn start. We all do. That is all.

on May 25, 2013

Great Post! Luv it! Yes, I’m a lady that loves to be talked to during sex. It turns me on. Have fun with it!

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