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7 Ways To Get A Man To Do Anything

Dating & Relationships / June 3, 2014

How do you get a guy to give you what you want? Here’s a hint: No more nagging. Avoid fighting, complaining, shouting, tears and pouting. Seriously; all it takes is some sweet old-fashioned charm like only a woman could give (we swear!).

From buttering him up to leaning in for a long kiss before you ask him to clean the apartment, we’ve mastered the skill of getting your guy to do just about anything.

So how do these cunning, deceptively intelligent women do it? We asked, they told.

1. Don’t Fear The Damsel In Distress Act

7 Ways To Get A Man To Do Anything
“Whenever I want a guy to do something, I put the sweet on and act innocent. I’ll do just about everything except bat my eyelashes — but it works! Even though I’m not naïve, I’ll act that way and put a little extra sugar on everything I say and do toward him,” says Erin.

2. Bring Backup

“My boyfriend loves surprises (even though he’d never admit that), so I always come prepared. If I want him to go out with me and my girlfriends one night, or if I want him to help me clean the apartment, I make sure to stop and pick up something that he’ll really love — or something that he’s been hinting that he wants. There’s no arguments, no huffing and puffing — just a little surprise and then he’s in my pocket,” says Lisa, “Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than that.”

3. Make Him Think The Idea Was His

7 Ways To Get A Man To Do Anything
“My mom let me in on a secret when my husband and I first started dating. She said that the best way to get through anything was to make him think it was his idea. You’ve got to be coy, but whenever I want Jed to do something,” says Hannah, “I make sure he thinks he came up with it — even if he knows he didn’t. The fact that I’m conceding (and letting him think he’s won) is the best way to get through everything.”

4. Go Old School

“Call me crazy, but I just ask nicely — like, really, really nicely. If my guy knows that it’s important to me, I just tell him how important it is and then I promise to make it up to him afterward,” Tara says, “How could a guy say no to that?”
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