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Gabrielle Union Talks Wedding Plans And The Family That She Can’t Live Without

Entertainment & Celebrities / May 13, 2014

Gabrielle Union is one busy woman.  She is the star of the hit show, Being Mary Jane and staring in Part 2 of Steve Harvey’s, Think Like a Man.  She is planning her wedding to Miami Heat player, Dwayne Wade and has become an “instant mom.”  She recently sat down with Vegas Magazine to discuss, wedding planning, the women who have shaped her and becoming an instant mom.


On The Wedding:

Gabrielle Union Talks About Wedding Plans And The Family That She Can't Live Without

Well, it will be smaller than the one in the movie, but it’s definitely not toned down, per the wishes of my groomzilla. D’s very involved in every detail. My dude is having a princess moment. Me? I did the wine tasting, and I’ve said yes to the dress. In fact, I’ve said yes to a few of them. That’s the joy of getting married to a man who loves clothes and wardrobe changes: You can have more than one dress.

On The Women Who Have Shaped Her:

Gabrielle Union Talks About Wedding Plans And The Family That She Can't Live Without

…it was my mom who got up the courage to walk away after 30 years of an unhappy marriage. She handled her divorce with dignity, and she never asked my father for a dime. As her daughter, I asked, ‘Why? You’re gonna start over?’ And she said, ‘I went from my father’s house to your father’s house. I want to get my own house.’ I learned a valuable lesson: Take the high road and move on.

On Becoming an Instant Mom:

Gabrielle Union Talks About Wedding Plans And The Family That She Can't Live Without

I went from no kids to D getting full custody, and the next day we had a full house. So it was instant. Our lives never skipped a beat. When you’re someone who goes from never having thought about birthing her own babies to a ready-made family that has immediate needs and wants and desires, your life takes a back burner. If I were lucky enough to have one come out of my body, then great, I’d be totally open to that. But D’s kids are more than just part of the wedding. They are part of my life. They’re a package deal.

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on May 13, 2014

I wish Gabrielle Peace, Happiness and Love. My prayers and best wishes go out to her, I can only imagine the turmoil she must feel at times but sometimes you just have to go with your heart and trust God that everything will work out. I hope D appreciates the fact that she, unlike previous females he has been involved with, is not after his money but genuinely loves him.

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