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To Tell or Not To Tell

Dating & Relationships / April 9, 2014

I’ve decided to only contribute my thoughts and ideas once a month. It allows me to sit back and people watch and gather stimulating ideas and topics for us women to talk about.

A topic I wish to speak about is one that circulates through our community as sisters that continue to boggle my mind. I some what found myself in the middle of said situation and found that the sistah on the other end flipped and got upset with me. So I want to express my personal opinion on the topic “To tell or not to tell?”

The logic behind having a friendship and building something with someone should also be built off of the freedom to share things. I have found that many female relationships have limitations which to me, isn’t a fruitful and real relationship. To not be able to share with your friend that her man is cheating on her is absurd to me. Of course to share that type of information would be that you would need concrete proof, but at the end of the day where exactly does it makes sense for you to get upset with someone who is genuinely trying to look out for your best interest?

I’ve never been able to comprehend why females get mad at their friends for expressing such an important issue. Is it because your friend found out before you and it made for a more embarrassing encounter? Or is it that you rather direct your frustrations and anger towards someone else other than the guilty party?

To Tell or Not To Tell

My husband expressed to me that he agrees with telling your friend. But then he also expressed that telling your friend will do nothing but cause a rift in your friendship because nine times out of ten, they will go back to the cheating partner. All of this is fine and understandable. The part that isn’t comprehensible is not having the ability to talk to your friend about something that could possibly affect her in a negative way.

Me being the woman who I am wouldn’t appreciate my friend hiding such detrimental information from me. Knowing that we have hung around with each other (probably you, me and my man) and you’ve walked around with information I should know about under your belt is craaaay to me. Not telling me would definitely kill our relationship. Secrets will forever kill a friendship, no matter how little or how big it is.

To Tell or Not To Tell

So for the ladies who would rather their friends not tell them about their cheating significant other, It’s beyond comprehension. Why you wouldn’t want your best friend to watch your back and keep you in the loop about something you are clueless about?

I would love to hear the opinions of other females pertaining to this topic.

Would you rather your friend to NOT tell you about your cheating partner, or would you rather be informed?

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Virginia Slim
VirginiaSlim is a Mother of three beautiful children, a wife to an amazing man, a songwriter, a Hiphop head,performer,as well as a natural healer. She continues to seek truth about herself as a woman, an artist and a wife. She aims to share her Journey’s with a world that suffers from a lack of love, understanding and compassion. Her ideas are her own, and her world is in a realm of its own. To know her is to love her and to love her is to hate her.

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