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Stop Perceiving From The Outside

Women Empowerment / April 30, 2014

Recent days at the office, the morale has been at such an all time low that folks are in an uproar.  You have no idea where I’m headed with this, right?  Well, it all started with some textile, biomaterial (hair), and ego.  That still doesn’t say much…ok, I’m done with the mysterious rhetoric.  It all started with a co-worker, whom is a close friend of mine, and the glamorous look she wore to work before we headed on our vacation, clear across the country.  Mind you, it was late June when the trip occurred.  Make a long story short, office gossip reared its ugly head two weeks later because a fellow co-worker (a middle-aged woman) had proclaimed she thought my friend, “looked like a hooker”. Stop Perceiving From The Outside

Oh my word!  I mean hers…well, it got back to my dear friend and she was livid.  She confronted the co-worker and our boss with the situation and didn’t hesitate to disclose unsettling information about our opinionated co-worker.  In the end, our co-worker apologized for her rude remarks and thus the set-up to the premise of this post, which is the perception of beauty from the outside.

Why do people only see themselves as attractive if their look is “on point”, meaning the coif is laid, face beat, outfit spiffy, and nose in the air?  Of course, onlookers take notice, ogling occurs and your esteem is boosted to the heavens or shot to the earth’s core, dependent upon the perception of the crowd.  Why does their opinion matter?  Many people will like your “style”, others will not.  Don’t let appearance define who you are but I’m not saying neglect the healthful grooming.  If you’re happy with your look, another person’s perception of you doesn’t matter.  Another person’s opinion of you is none of your business.

Stop Perceiving From The Outside

When you take a practical approach to becoming a better person within, the outside appearance is one of health and happiness, not the garments or hair style, which eventually loses its relevancy as quickly as the human brain gets tired of seeing it and something “better” comes along.  Bask in the beauty you have within, it will shine forth no matter what’s on the outside.  And those who don’t get “it,” one day they will understand, hopefully overstand.  Don’t beat them up verbally in an attempt to force them to see things the way you do.  Summing this up like math…stop perceiving from the outside.

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