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Interview with Ariel C. Williams, Author of ‘The Girl Talk Chronicles’

Dating & Relationships / April 2, 2014

 Who IS Ariel C. Williams?

Hi! My name is Ariel. I’m a 20s-something mom, freelance copywriter, blogger, and the author behind The Girl Talk Chronicles: How to Manage Love, Lust & Situations.

Tell me about your book.

The Girl Talk Chronicles is raw, honest, hilarious, and filled with plenty of love and life truths that most women in their 20s and 30s have experienced. It was written to dispel the myth that women who aren’t in relationships are “single and lonely”. While sections like the “Chronicle Questions” and “Girl Talk Gospels” require the reader to do a bit of gritty self-evaluation, the book celebrates women and is written in a best friend tone for the reader’s comfort.

What makes your book different from others like it?

This book is 100% real girl talk, straight with not one chaser! There’s no fluff; you may be called out in this book, but it’s all in sisterly love.
In this book, I literally detail what some would say are embarrassing or naive mistakes that I’ve made in the name of love…and lust! Instead of blaming others for what happened in each scenario, I put myself under a microscope, show my fault in it, and share the “Lessons Learned”. I’m a firm believer in realizing and owning one’s truth, so I made sure to hold true to this while writing the book.

What made you decide to write “The Girl Talk Chronicles?’

I grew disgusted of the way people show hatred and criticism towards women who are not in relationships. In the book’s introduction, I talk about how unhappily married people have told me that I need to find a “good Godly man” to settle down with or that they’ve asked me why I haven’t gotten married yet with disdain in their eyes. It used to make me second guess myself (because obviously there was something wrong with me) until I assessed who I was and realized that right now, I’m happy “doing me” and going after my dreams. I wanted to dispel the myth of being single and lonely and show that I actually was in a long-term relationship, some things happened, tried it a few more times, and that I’m much happier now focusing on me. This doesn’t mean I don’t love love – God knows I do. I just love me a whole lot right now.
Other women also inspired me to write this book. In particular, younger women. When you look at social media, a lot of young women aged 32 and under seem angry and from my observation, that anger seems to stem back to a man or a relationship or both. Being able to have identified with that at a time in my life, I decided to kind of unveil some of my own truths to say A: you’re not alone (because regardless of race, creed, location, etc., we all go through similar situations) and that things happen and most importantly B: get over it, move on and live your dreams unapologetically.

 What advice would you give a woman having problems in her relationship?

I’d advise her to identify why she believes she’s having the problem and then decide if it’s important enough for her to fix them or forget them. While I agree that disagreements and even problems will occur in most relationships, I’m not one for staying in one simply for the sake of being in one. If it’s worth it, work for it; express your concerns to your guy and get through it together. If not, move on and get happy!

How can my readers find you (social media) and where can they purchase the book.

The Chronicles can be downloaded in under one minute on You can find me all over social media – Facebook, Twitter,InstagramPinterest – and my personal blog as Ariel Says Now.

 Girl Talk Chronicles

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