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The Side Effects of Abuse

Dating & Relationships / March 18, 2014

Abuse is something that can be damaging. It can create a parallel between two different worlds, leaving you feeling separated from the living and lingering with the dead. Abuse can be an action that takes away your dignity, your self-worth and your existence. Abuse is something that slowly breaks away a piece of you bit by bit.

It keeps you from being able to breathe freely, think freely or feel free. It keeps you from feeling the wind blow through your hair and it keeps you hiding within yourself. Being in an abusive relationship breaks your spirit, reshapes who you could have been and changes who you were. The bitter taste of abuse is always hard to swallow and it always upsets the stomach. The side effect of abuse causes internal damage that is irreversible, while the external side effects slowly fade.

Side effects of abuse

Side Effects Of Abuse

Scaring of the heart

Breaking down of the soul

Diminishing of the self-esteem

Feelings of unworthiness

Continuous fear



Ongoing self-doubt

Abuse causes you to carry someone else’s pain, some else’s misery and personal neglect. Abuse can make you weak, but letting go can make you stronger. Putting down the pain, giving back the heartache and having the strength to walk away from something that wasn’t meant for you to endure can be inviting. It can allow fresh air to flow in and a sigh of relief to fill your lungs.

The Side Effects of Abuse

It’s never okay to allow someone to break apart your spirit and bring pain upon your heart. It is never okay to live in fear. And it’s never okay to succumb to physical, mental or emotional abuse.

Abuse might have broken your spirit for a period of time, or reshaped who you could have been. But taking the changed you and rebuilding a world that only allows happiness and love is the only thing that will heal your wounds and lift your soul.


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Virginia Slim
VirginiaSlim is a Mother of three beautiful children, a wife to an amazing man, a songwriter, a Hiphop head,performer,as well as a natural healer. She continues to seek truth about herself as a woman, an artist and a wife. She aims to share her Journey’s with a world that suffers from a lack of love, understanding and compassion. Her ideas are her own, and her world is in a realm of its own. To know her is to love her and to love her is to hate her.

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on March 18, 2014

There’s a very important message in there. Thank you for sharing that. Passing along to my girlies!

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