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Real Talk with Former Teen Mommy, Rochelle

Single Moms Talk / March 13, 2014

Introduce yourself  

My name is Rochelle Douglas.  I am 38 years old and married to a wonderful man of 1 ½ years.  I have 2 daughters ages 23 and 17 and a stepson, age 20. I am a Traveling Hair and Make-up Stylist. My passion in life is cooking.  I love to cook and I taught myself to cook at a very young age 8 years old. I remember telling a friend I knew how to make fried chicken when I was 8.  Her mother let me cook it at her house and it came out perfect. I went home raving to my mom about it.

Let’s go back…I know you had a child at a young age. Can you share that story?

I was 15 years old when I had my first daughter and we grew up together.  As I was teaching her new things, she was teaching me as well.

Is your daughter’s father still in the picture?

Her father and I broke up before I found out I was pregnant and we never got together nor did we ever have sex again.

What was your biggest lesson about motherhood at that time?

Being a teen mother is hard especially when you really don’t have any kind of support. I’m not talking about financial support but emotional support.  When I was confused on what to do I didn’t really have my mother to go and talk to because she was so angry with me for getting pregnant.

What did you learn about yourself that you did not know when you had your daughter?

I was a strong young lady and I had to become a woman really fast because I had someone else to think about other than myself. I strived to become a better me. When my daughter looked at me I wanted her to see that I would do anything for her.

I know that you are married now…did you wait before introducing your daughters to him?

Yes, my husband met my kids probably a few months after we started dating. When I introduced him to my girls they fell hard for him, just as I did. My husband is really the only positive male figure other than my brother that they have had in their lives. Both of my children’s fathers have been absent from their lives so when he came around and did things a father was supposed to do, we all fell hard and that’s including my entire California family.

What was the best advice you received when rising your daughters?

It’s not going to be easy raising someone and you’re not grown yourself, but in the long run it will work out.

If you could go back to 14, what would you have done differently?
I would have talked to my mother instead of my friends when I was curious about sex.
Do you think that being a single mother can be looked at in some cases, a “generational curse?”
No because we do make mistakes but we can move on from them regardless if you decided to keep your child or give them up for adoption.
What did you teach your daughters that you wish you would have been taught?
I taught my girls that they can come to me and talk to me about anything at any time and I would be their safe haven.
Do you think that because your mother didn’t talk to you and your siblings about sex that it played a part in you getting pregnant at 14?
No, it was still my decision to have sex regardless if she told me or not. I should have been secure enough in myself to have made a decision  and tell her how I felt. If I could go back, I would sit her down and tell her how I was feeling and what I was going through and maybe things would have been different. But I wouldn’t change a thing …I love my kids.

What advice would you give a teen mom?

I would tell them to think about your future before having sex. We all make mistakes and if you do decide to have sex, protect yourself. Talk to your parents and make them give you the answers you’re looking for. My mother never talked to any of her children about sex and it’s four of us. I’m the baby and I was the second one to have a baby at a young age. Instead of me talking to my friends I should have been comfortable enough to sit and have a conversation with her. Communication is always the key.

Where can my readers find you?

My blog is myperfectpearlz

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on February 4, 2013

So glad she shared her story. She looks to have done a great job with her girls! Such a blessing to have a kind and loving man find them too!


on February 4, 2013

Thank you so much Karen for reading my story. My girls are doing great and my husband helped a lot with that.

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