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Real Talk Interview with Cocoa Brown and Amy Smart from the Cast of The Single Moms Club

Entertainment & Celebrities / From the Editor / Single Moms Talk / March 12, 2014

I can hear her contagious laughter as she made her way to the interview room, Cocoa Brown, actress and comedian walks in, followed by her co-star, Amy Smart and the two are giggling like school girls.  I love the dynamic that all of the women from the cast of The Single Moms Club have and the sisterhood is very apparent during our interview.

Cocoa Brown,  is just as funny in person with such a down to earth personality that I understand why her female fans call her “The Truth.”  Cocoa brings the “real” to her role as Lytia and during our interview, opened up about going through a separation, divorce and becoming a single mom, all while filming  The Single Moms Club.

Amy Smart is no stranger to the silver screen or the small screen. She starred in The Butterfly Effect, Starsky & Hutch, Scrubs, Varsity Blues and Just Friends among other films and television shows. During our interview, Amy reminded me a lot of her character, Hilllary, in that she seemed a little unsure at first but came out of her shell as the jokes flew between her and Cocoa.

The mother of two cats and a dog, Amy revealed that she drew from her family member and friends who were moms to help her in her role in The Single Moms Club.

On Being a Mom:

Cocoa:  I have a 22 month old son. The terrible two’s! This morning as we getting ready to come here, he had a full-fledged tantrum meltdown and I’m looking like, “What’s wrong! What’s the matter?” He has a tent in his room, do finally I said, “Why don’t you go in your little man cave and get it together!”

On Going Through a Separation During Filming:

Cocoa:  It was still very fresh. When I got to set, I was still married. We were still living under the same roof and through the course of filming is when he began to move out. The baby came to me with the nanny and we were just sitting there like, “It’s just me and you kid. What are we going to do?”

It was a transition the whole time but I’m so glad that I had these ladies to feed off of and to take my mind off of it. I began to use it, once I was able to say “Okay, you know what? I’m not going to try to hide it. I’m just going to let this pain come out in whatever way it does. It became more organic to me during the course of the filming.  It was healing.  It was very healing.

Watch this hilarious clip from The Single Moms Club with Cocoa Brown and Terry Crews


On Having a Support Network as a Single Mom:

Cocoa:  It’s funny because all of mine {support network} are men. It’s crazy because I have all these “daddies.”  I have this great village of incredible men of all races, colors and backgrounds and for whatever reason they loved me and my son enough to swoop down and kinda fill that void when my husband and I separated and divorced.

They have just become like fathers and they all have their own little intricate purposes in our lives.  I have one friend that’s potty training him right now. I have one friend that put his bike together. Another friend that wants to teach him how to play football. Even my stylist wants to teach him how to dress. [laughs] So he has all the uncles. They surround us with so much love.  My son will never lack for a positive male role model.

Amy: I don’t have kids yet! I am a cat mom! I have 2 dogs and a cat. I do have some incredible girlfriends in my life that I love so much and I feel like the female bonding network for me is super strong for because we relate…I love my men, too!

Cocoa: Right! I mean, I love my girls but I like being with my boys better.

Real Talk Interview with Cocoa Brown and Amy Smart from the Cast of The Single Moms Club

On How They Related to Their Roles:

Amy:  Pretty much, all my friends and family have kids now, so I’ve been around it. Maybe that is enough for my character because she’s around it, just not as involved in her kid’s lives. What I like is that she has been so checked out and she forced to have to check back in and really get to know her kids on a much more intimate level.

I think some parents do check out.  Maybe they’re overwhelmed.  Maybe they can afford to have people help them and they stop staying involved.

For me, when I have kids, I want to be in my kids lives.  I don’t want somebody else to raise my kids.

Cocoa:  That’s coming from a woman with no kids.  You will love that nanny, honey!

Amy:  Okay, you’re right, Cocoa! I will probably want someone to help me out.

On How Their Roles Made Them Look At Mothers, Especially Single Moms:

Cocoa:  I called a couple of girlfriends of mine who have multiple kids, who are single moms.  I have one girlfriend who is divorced who has five kids and is a single mom.  I called her one night and said, “If I have ever, ever disrespected you in any way, I am so sorry because you are the Queen, honey! I don’t know how you do it! These kids ain’t even mine on this set… I had to give her props!

My character had 5 kids and 2 were incarcerated but she still had the 3.  I have one [of my own] and I’m still frazzled. Someone who has multiple kids and who is a single mom…honey…I applaud you!

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On working with Tyler Perry:

Amy:  It was so much fun.  We all went down to Atlanta and it was a bonding experience.  I hadn’t worked with anyone before and so we had like a crash course, “Let’s get to know one another.”

Cocoa:  We [Amy and I] kinda knew each other through 6 degrees because her husband worked with my ex-husband.

Amy: Sorry!

Cocoa:  It’s okay! Girl, I was tying to get some inside dirt! [laughs]

It was incredible. Working with Mr. Perry, you know I worked with him on Tyler Perry’s For Better or For Worse and he allows me to do me, in that he says he “trusts my funny,” so when I come on set, whether it be the t.v. show or the film with him, I knew I was able to come with whatever Cocoa Brown flavor I may feel at that moment to make it believable and real.  He trusts that and sometimes he’ll say, “Cocoa, I didn’t feel that” but most of the time, he’ll say, “Okay, I like that choice.” It’s always a good comfort zone for me that I can come on there and bring the realness to the character and I don’t have to feel like I have to stay married to the script or stay married to what somebody else may see. I can actually come on there and make the character my own.

On Filming with So Many Kids on Set:

Amy: We were around a LOT of  kids who were really excited to be there. I would be like, I need a break for a second!

Cocoa:  Right! A lot of them were twins, so that threw me. You had 2 kids, 4 kids, 6 kids screaming, “Mama!” [and I’m saying] “No, I’m not your mama! Your mama is over there in the trailer, baby! I only play your mama on t.v.” [laughs]

On Personal Breakthroughs During Filming

Cocoa:  The biggest breakthrough for me is that I learned during filming is that it’s okay to let my pain out and sometimes do it through my work.  As a stand-up comic, people are so used to me being on and being funny and I got to actually let that mask off and just be real and whatever emotion I was feeling at the moment, I was able to put it to the role.

If you thought Cocoa and Amy were hilarious in this interview, just wait until you see them in The Single Moms Club on Match 14th.

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