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Trying To Figure Out What To Give Him For Valentine’s Day? Send A Pantygram!

Dating & Relationships / From the Editor / February 10, 2014

Ladies, Valentine’s Day is 4 days away and many of you are still running around trying to figure out the perfect gift for your man. Now you know your girl does not disappoint and I aim to please, so I have the PERFECT naughty gift to give your Boo and baby, it will be one that he won’t forget!

This Valentine’s Day Send A Pantygram! Yes, ladies, Send A Pantygram! Here’s how it works, you choose an occasion…Valentine’s Day and you choose how mild or erotic your message is.  The thrill of it all is that he will think it is from a secret admirer when he get’s it because it won’t tell him who it’s from.  He won’t find out that it is from you, until he goes on-line to read the entire message.

Stiil Trying To Figure Out What To Give Him For Valentine's Day? Send A Pantygram!

Now, here’s where things get sexy…after you have set up the message and send him the Send A Pantygram, he will receive a package and it will be a pair of heart-shaped red panties! At this point he is thinking, “What the hell?”  Your sexy message is attached to the panties but again, he doesn’t know who sent them. It will say, “From your secret admirer.” The card will direct him to go online, where he will be able to read the rest of your message.  Ladies, this is where you drive him crazy! Your message should be very SEXY; telling him everything that you want to do to him and all the things that you want him to do to you! You will know when he reads your Send A Pantygram because you will receive an email alerting you.

Now I know my single ladies are probably thinking that I left you out of the fun but, you should know me better than that! Send A Pantygram is not only for women who are married or in relationships.  Single ladies, you can Send A Pantygram to that cutie that you have been trying to get the ball rolling with or to the guy that you have been secretly admiring.  I know…I know…I am not saying that because you send some sexy red panties that you have to give up some Valentine’s Day cookie, but in your message, you can let him know that you are interested and somewhere down the line, if he’s a good boy, you will reward him with a little something something! If he was dragging his feet before, ladies, you may have to beat him off with a stick after he get’s a Send A Pantygram from you!

Even though Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, you can send him a Send A Pantygram for any occasion! Send him one for his birthday, anniversary, or in anticipation of a sexy evening! Send A Pantygram is one gift that he will never forget and one that will turn your Valentine’s Day from ordinary to HOT!!

You can order your Send A Pantygram HERE and because I don’t want any of you to have a boring Valentine’s Day, use the discount code: save5now to get $5.oo off of the $24.95 price! Have a night of passion and a Valentine’s Day that he will never forget, for only $19.95!

Okay, ladies…get on it and you can thank me later!!!

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