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How To Get A Ring On It

Dating & Relationships / He Said / Single Mommy Stuff / February 25, 2014

Every woman would love to know what it takes for a man to put a ring on that finger and begin that fairy tale marriage. Well I can only give my opinion on this but I hope that it will give women some insight on what men really go through. The first step is the spark between two people and in my experience that spark is created one of two ways: from the inner beauty a person transcends or the outer beauty a person accents. Once the spark is created then exploration begins to see more of the make-up of the other. At this point, the attraction is there but are the two of you compatible? Beliefs, morals and ethics are just a few of the subjects discussed. Now that common ground is reached sexual taste can now be formed. Yes it’s is important to men because for the most part we are physical beings and women are emotional beings (I am generalizing so forgive me but this has been my experience) and to let you in on a secret, I feel that a person who cheats (men or women) does so to find something they feel they are missing in their marriage or relationship, but that is for another topic. Now the last step is trust which is the most important to a man.

Since we don’t openly show our emotional side, please don’t take for granted that we don’t have one. It is for this very reason we are so guarded with our hearts. It is hard for us to deal with emotional pain and can really damage our mental states. Once we trust a woman with our heart and she breaks that trust we are damaged goods and like women it will take a lot for us to trust again. So think how you would feel it the games you play were played on you? That is a rule of thumb for men and women, broken hearts can cause future damage that shapes the live of good people.

How to get a ring on it

Ok, how did I decided to put a ring on my wife’s finger…she reached me on three important levels:

  • Emotionally helped me to pay attention to my feelings
  • Mentally challenges me and keeps my attention
  • Physically…well this is self-explanatory.

I must say what was the deciding factor was that she touched me spiritually because I knew that life would not only test our faith in God but also faith in each other. This was the tipping point of why I gave my wife my heart and then couple that with the fact that she told me that she was going to marry me and at that time I was like “not going to happen.” Her next words will always stick with me, “God put you in my life for a reason”. She never looked back and she never allowed me to doubt that fact with her actions. When you find someone like that you don’t let them walk out of your life, so I put a ring on it.

Once that foundation is built then a real lasting marriage or relationship can be formed. Remember that nothing lasts that is not built on solid ground or doesn’t involved dedicated work. I can say we built a strong foundation and we are both dedicated to seeing our marriage work and be successful. No one can take that away from us, no one can come between us and no one will shape us. It’s all on us, like it should be All Ours. Make yours… all yours and be happy.

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William R. Brown Jr
William R. Brown Jr. is a hardworking husband and father who is in Management at UPS. From the Los Angeles area, he is also a published poet and writes short stories.

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on February 26, 2013

I agree with Will on this. Message approved. 🙂

on February 25, 2014

I love hearing the man’s point of view. Women don’t usually take that into consideration. Thank you for sharing.

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