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My Blind Date Ended Up Being My Future Husband

Dating & Relationships / February 5, 2014

Thirteen years ago I had the strangest dream. In the dream there was a doorway in my bedroom that did not really exist. This doorway led to a second door and through that doorway I saw a man sitting very quietly on a bed. I asked him who he was; in a quiet voice he told me his name. I did not hear him the first time, so I asked him to repeat what he had said. The second time I heard him and asked why he was there. He said he was going to build me a house. The dream left an impression on me; I asked several people what they thought it meant. Other than getting a few strange looks, no one had an answer.

My Blind Date Ended Up Being My Future Husband


Single Parenting:

Shortly after I had the dream, I married the man I was engaged to at that time. Together we had a daughter. It turned out that my first husband had rather a wild streak and our marriage ended up in divorce. During this time I went on to finish my degree and began teaching in a public school. Occasionally I would think about the dream, but after a while I stored it in the back of my mind. I’d all but decided that marriage wasn’t for me. My work and single parenting kept me very busy. I was working with children with special needs, and would often come home exhausted.

Deciding to date again:

One evening I was talking to my sister and her husband. My brother-in-law asked me if I had started dating again. I told him that the idea was overwhelming and that nightclubs were out of the question. He asked if I had thought about meeting a man on an internet dating site. At the time I laughed. One Saturday night I was feeling especially lonely. After my daughter fell asleep I decided to look at a site. It was for a local singles’ group that made online matches and planned social events in the city. After one or two meetings, I decided that this too was not for me. It was then that I received a message from Alex. Right away we hit it off. He seemed very kind, was a single dad, and he worked a steady job. However, our busy schedules kept us from meeting. We had lengthy conversations in the evening and found ourselves talking on the phone regularly, laughing well into the night. I was still apprehensive though. My daughter and I shared a very pleasant routine. I had a difficult relationship with my ex and wasn’t sure I wanted to give up my quiet single life.

Dreams really do come true!

We finally decided to meet. We agreed on a blind date at a café situated mid-city. We decided if it wasn’t right we would simply go our separate ways. When Alex approached the table, my heart skipped a beat. I recognized the man, not from any moment in my life, rather from the dream. I had not seen a recent photo of Alex, and we had not shared our last names until that date. When Alex told me his surname I all but collapsed. Alex was the man I had “seen” thirteen years prior, and his last name was the name he had given me in the dream. From our first meeting there was no question… we were truly meant to be together. We are now engaged and have purchased the most beautiful set of wedding bands from Michael Hill Jewellers. I now believe in love at first sight, although “first sight” happened to be in a dream thirteen years ago!


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