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Did Your Relationship End Because Of Unrealistic Expectations?

Dating & Relationships / January 22, 2014

From Naturally Moi

I’ve noticed a lot of relationships that die due to unrealistic expectations. Some people choose to spend their lives searching for something that doesn’t exist. So, rather than building and working with something real, they feed off of hope….hope that the next person might be the one who is as perfect as you’d hoped that the last 10 people were going to be.

But the fact is that the new person you are excited about is probably just as flawed as the last person you dumped.  Yet, they appear to have a clean slate because you know nothing about their past. And slowly, but surely, you start to realize that they are not as perfect as you initially thought, so you then start all over again.

Did Your Relationship End Because Of Unrealistic Expectations?

It’s really interesting to watch and a never-ending cycle. In fact, it’s become a new normal, like chewing a piece of gum until the sugar runs out and then replacing it with another piece.

I don’t proclaim to be an expert on relationships, but I’ve lived enough years to have learned a few things.  Some of the things I’ve learned have come from my own mistakes, I’ll admit that too.  But one thing I find so interesting is how many of us keep a clear disconnect between what we say we want out of life and how we go about obtaining it.   Quite a few people say that they want marriage and long-term relationships, but go into situations expecting everything to be happy all the time.  They might endure one storm or two, but as soon as the storms have become persistent, it’s on to the next person on their list.  They seem to think that long-term relationships are a never-ending joyride, and not what they really are:  an exercise in extreme patience, consistency and very hard work.

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on January 24, 2014

Love this article! This happened in my marriage and is what killed it. I was looked at as a very sweet man, but in the long all the complaints started. All of my flaws were thrown in my face, as well as me wanting her to be a certain way. When we first meet people, we are all excited about how wonderful they are, but as soon as those flaws show up we are all of a sudden unhappy. Every single person that we meet will have flaws, so get use to it.

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