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Dear Men, It’s The Motion In The Ocean With A Few Golden Rules

Dating & Relationships / Sex / January 31, 2014

The world is a swimming pool full of men who have packages of all different sizes.If I could be a penis connoisseur without coming off as a “Hoe,” I probably would travel the world just to see the beauty of what God has given a woman.

For the guys who weren’t fortunate enough to have the middle name “Mandingo,” pleasing your woman in the bedroom might seem like more of a task because of the size of your package. But I have great news for you, it really is about the motion in the ocean, along with a few other things. Lets talk about mastering your bedroom skills even if you have  smaller than average tools to work with.

Without The Right Ingredients, The Meal Sucks

I want to express that your partner plays a significant role when it comes to building a passionate, satisfying sexual relationship. So if you are banging a chic who really isn’t into you, you are wasting your time. Attempting to satisfy someone who isn’t on the same page as you is like spinning your wheels on ice,. You need to find someone who is compatible with you on a mental, spiritual and physical level. They have to be comfortable with who you are and be willing to work just as hard as you to make it work.

With that being said, understand that sex isn’t that the act of just sticking your pipe into the ground. It’s about building a bond, a passion and feelings of desire. You must know the sexual intensity of your partner. Being sexually compatibility is the essence of a great orgasm. To be capable of comprehending the expectations and the needs of your lover will create a certain comfort level that every successful sexual relationship needs. It’s imperative that both of you share the same expectations.Reading from the same book and the same page will help to create that perfect sex scene that you always see in the movies.

Dear Men, It's The Motion In The Ocean With A Few Golden Rules

I, myself have taught my husband the importance of confidence during our sexual journey(not saying that his package is little because it’s far from that.) But every man should know himself. Knowing yourself allows you to give more of yourself to your chic.You have to be comfortable in your own skin before you attempt to make her feel “sexy.”If confidence doesn’t exude you, your penis game will lack and your efforts will fail you. Except the fact that your penis isn’t the biggest, and no pill or magic potion will ever change that. But once you have come to grips with your reality, start convincing yourself that your package is bigger than life itself. Believing will help you obtain the confidence needed to get the job done.

It’s much easier to satisfy your woman if you take the time to implement foreplay. Many people claim that foreplay is important when trying to make it to the mountain top. But many people don’t even understand what foreplay includes. So let me break down foreplay for you so that you have a clear understanding of what it is. (Direction is so important when learning how to do something.)

Foreplay Includes Four Different Actions

  • Kissing is really important when putting together your foreplay game. Kissing is sensual and it can spark all types of different feelings throughout the body. Getting in the mood should always start with the locking of the lips, and the planting of your lips on the rest of her body (INCLUDING THE VA-JAY-JAY) Putting your face in the middle is the only way you are going to have your chic thinking you have the biggest Popsicle in the world. Getting her hot and horny before you start laying it down is going to take the pressure off of you and your performance.
  • Rubbing her during the entire time you are kissing her will create a heighten sense of security. The feeling of being wanted is important when making your woman feel good in the bedroom. Plus, it allows you to explore her body without using your eyes.
  • Talking is important when trying to get her in the mood. Telling her just how sexy she is to you, how much she turns you on and how she is the only woman you fantasize about will not only have her body screaming, but it will have her placing your pogo stick on a throne.
  • Teasing is the perfect way to create excitement and anticipation. If you learn how to tease her right, you can have her reaching the mountain top within in a few minutes of you sticking the snack in the drain. (I kill myself with these names, I can be overboard at times.) Teasing is the foundation to great sex. A great mouth piece and great teasing skills is the road that leads to BEING WHIPPED.

Oral Sex Is Your Sous Chef

I can’t express this enough, oral sex is your secret weapon. Without it, you will not conquer your goal. You will leave her feeling unsatisfied and she will definitely talk about you behind your back to her girlfriends. So I advise that you purchase a decent pair of knee pads and get ready to explore her downtown with your tongue. Use every reference that you have (porn) to learn different ways to perform it and then customize it to her liking. Oral sex is the secret ingredient to a great orgasm.

Dear Men, It's The Motion In The Ocean With A Few Golden Rules

Once you’ve taken the time to get her land ready for irrigation, it’s time to put those hips to work. YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO WORK THOSE HIPS. This is where the saying “It’s the motion in the ocean,” comes from. It’s all about the circular motion when it comes to pleasing your woman with a smaller than average penis. You want to be able to continuously rub up against her clitoris, which for most is arousing. I’m sure many of you have cloths burned before! Take it back to those cloths burning days and work the middle until she reaches her peak and then do your thing.

What’s My Point?

You have to learn how to work with what you have. It’s never about what you have, but about how you use it. It might seem like women enjoy a HUGE piece of meat but real women enjoy having their insides in tact.So with that being said, don’t be intimidated by the idea of NOT having a porn star pimp stick, be intimidated about NOT being able to work the hell out of what was given to you.

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