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Confessions Of A Serial Cheater

Dating & Relationships / January 23, 2014

Yes, I cheated repeatedly and while I’m not proud of my behavior I’m also not going to lie and play innocent. Why am I sharing? Good question but as I sit here watching Bethenny, the statement was made that all men cheat and cheating is a character flaw. I’ve read blogs and twitter tweets saying cheaters are worthless, disrespectful, scums of the earth and everything under the sun. Yet, none of that phases me, in fact it makes me laugh. I can run down a list of why I cheated, on who and swear I’ve changed and will never do it again – then I’d be a liar. The funny thing is by reputation, I don’t lie and I don’t. Everyone I ever cheated on knows and no one has ever left because I cheated.

Now when I say cheating, I am including emotional as well as physical. Sometimes you need something your man isn’t giving you. Sometimes it starts as an ear, then leads to more. You fail to realize that person has a playbook of what not to do and so when they have to keep you on their own merits, they fail miserably.

 Confessions of a Serial Cheater

You can say I have low self-esteem but I pay someone good money to psychoanalyze me so thanks, Boo’s. My life and my mistakes are things I feel I only owe God an explanation for. I’ll state the obvious though – I’ve cheated because I’ve had low self-esteem, I didn’t know better, my father didn’t love me, I never saw a successful relationship and at times I cheated because I plain felt like it.

I tell everyone I date upfront my history so they can make their own decisions; never had anyone tell me “no thanks” because of my past. Maybe this is my character flaw and it’s nothing I can work on. Every relationship is different but my needs remain the same. What I will say without a shadow of a doubt is people do what you allow…every time..all the time.

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There is nothing anyone can tell me about my behavior that I haven’t heard or said to myself at one point. You may say why cheat just leave… why should I? If the person knows and my life is comfortable – why leave it? Maybe the supplement is what I want, not a full replacement. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels that way.  Maybe I’m just the only one that speaks up about it. I want to be clear I have not cheated in every relationship but most of them I have. Then again I’m not a young 20 something and most of my relationships last over 3 years. I don’t know too many high and mighties that can say that. I also know a lot of you might turn your nose up and call me all types of names under your breath but be honest with yourself. You might be a serial cheater too …

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on January 23, 2014

Wow, great article! People will definitely do to you what you allow them to do.

on January 23, 2014

Nice article at least you make it a point to be upfront with the people you date thus leaving them with the option to stay or go. I agree not all cheaters are to be considered the lowest of the low everyone has situations and curcumstances but it’s easy to point the finger and be critical.

    on January 24, 2014

    Thank You. I agree that’s why I tend not to judge or hold people’s past against them.

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