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6 Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Dating & Relationships / Sex / December 13, 2013

In our relationships, married or single, at times we hit a spot when sex becomes boring or we have lost the spice and bomb ass sex is a fleeting memory of what used to be.  As women, we either begin to make excuses for not wanting to have sex or we go through the motions to please our man because things just aren’t “hot” anymore.  If you are in a rut, here are some tips to spice up your sex life, bring the FIRE back into the bedroom and surprise the hell out of your man!


            1.  Foreplay

Foreplay doesn’t just start in the bedroom.  Foreplay can happen anywhere.  Send the kids to their grandparents or have a late dinner together, once the kids are sleep.  Make a sexy dinner with foods that you can feed each other or make him his favorite meal. The key is serving dinner in sexy lingerie and heels or an apron and nothing else on!  Men are visual creatures, so the sexier the visual the better!

During dinner, don’t talk about the kids or the house. Tell him how sexy he is, rub his crotch with your foot and tell him that he can have 3 sexual wishes that night and as you take the plates off of the table, make sure to brush up against him, whisper in his ear and softly kiss him.

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            2.  Have dessert on YOU

After grabbing the dishes, call him into the kitchen and let him eat his dessert “on you” literally.  Lay on top the counter or table with a can of whipped cream, chocolate sauce…whatever, no bra or panties and tell him he can have his dessert anyway he likes it! But just let him tease you and you in turn, tease him.  Before things get even hotter, walk him to the bathroom and run him a shower.  When he gets in, make a beeline to the bedroom and light some candles, turn on some slow music and head back to the bathroom, naked and join him.  You can either continue the foreplay or have sex in the shower but make sure you guys aren’t too tired for the heat that’s about to go down in the bedroom.

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            3.  Give him a massage

Fresh out of the shower, guide him to the bed and have him lay down on his back.  Break out the oil and give him a butt naked massage.  Use your body to help you, i.e. your breasts. Turn him over and use your tongue to continue the massage.


            4.  Surprise him with oral

Ladies, we all know that oral sex is something we use for special occasions! LOL! You know I’m right.  It’s not something that we do every time we have sex, but when you are spicing it up, you break out ALL your “special” talents.  Now if you have been reading my blog, you have probably read, “You’re Not Done Until You Swallow.” If you don’t swallow, either make an exception or get him to just about that point and then…



            5.  Try some new sex positions

If you are trying to have and give mind-blowing orgasms or make him think that you have turned into a porn star, either take a look at a Kama Sutra book or google it and learn some new positions to try out.  Not only will your man be surprised but he will be extremely turned on.  WARNING: Make sure you do some stretches before you start swinging from the chandeliers.  You don’t want to catch a leg cramp when things start to get real good! 

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            6.  Don’t let it be a one time thing

Don’t put it on him like a porn star one time or every blue moon.  If you want to keep things spicy, be spontaneous.  Send him sexy texts about what he can expect when he gets home.  Show up at the door wearing nothing when he comes from work.  Share your sexual fantasies with one another and act them out.  Sex is one of the greatest connections you can have with your partner.  Don’t allow sex to be routine.  Learn to satisfy your partner and be a freak in the sheets, if you follow these 6 tips to spice up your sex life, your bedroom will be hotter than ever!


 Do you have any tips that you would add to spice things ups?

Have you ever been in a sexual rut with your mate, what did you do to get the fires burning again? 

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on August 30, 2013

Yes, yes, yes to ALL of these tips! I want to say super yes to foreplay. Foreplay for pleasure that usually takes place in the mind. If done correctly, foreplay can be all day – from the time I wake up until the time he lays me down. Blooopp!

    on August 30, 2013

    Alright now!!!!

on September 2, 2013

Solid list. I can’t imagine any woman heading in the wrong direction following any of those tips.

on April 25, 2014

[…] 6 Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life […]

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