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Single Moms, Do Not Date Your Sons

He Said / Single Mommy Stuff / December 19, 2013

We are seeing more and more Black males who are really not good Black men.  Now this is not all Black mothers or all Black men.  These males have been pampered, spoiled, cuddled and turned into adult children by some Black mothers.

Single Moms, Do NOT Date Your Son

It is easy enough to understand.  Many mothers want to over compensate for the lack of a father in the house.  At that point the child becomes the little prince.  He can either do no wrong or at least very little.  I even heard the other day of one “mom” who was still cutting up the meat for her 12-year-old to eat.  Unless there is some physical handicap, and the article did not mention there was, this is truly sad.

Women may wonder where all the needy, crying, whining adult Black males are coming from.  Most of the times all they would need to do is follow these men back home and they would find out.  This generation of males has taken the term “mama’s boy” to a whole new level.

Single Moms, Do Not Date Your Son

Is there any wonder why he goes out and looks for a woman who will cater to him just like his mom?  To feed and spoil him just like his mother did. The sad part is that this unsuspecting woman did not get a man she simply got another dependent.  Another mouth to feed and clothe and unfortunately she cannot claim this one on her taxes.

Mothers, please do your fellow sisters a favor and raise the young man into a grown man.  Set some limits and rules.  Make him an independent man who is ready to be the head of a family.  Most of all, have a life.  Do not let your son become the reason that you live.  In the long run it is not good for either you or him.

Do the best you can to get him around good strong Black men.  If you cannot find them, then at least get him around good strong men of any race.  Try school, church, community activities to find these good men.  Find a good man so that he can see what a good man looks like and desire to become one.

Do yourself, your son and the community a favor.  Raise your son to be a strong, loving, selfless, giving, and independent Black man.  You can do it.

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Shawn Hill
Shawn Hill is the notated author of the Single Black Woman’s Guide to Dating. This book can be found on Amazon. He is also the radio host of The Black Woman’s Guide to love on Blog Talk Radio theblackwomanguide You can follow him on his Blog a tblackwealthcreation

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on December 19, 2013

I understand wanting to take care of your son, that’s normal. But so many mothers are taking it way too far and raising grown boys. I hope women read this and take it to heart!

on December 19, 2013

I find this to be so true.

on December 21, 2013

I totally agree and as the mother of a son, those are indeed lessons that I have had to learn

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