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Forget A Promise Ring! I Want The REAL Thing! Listen Up Ladies, Series

Dating & Relationships / He Said / December 9, 2013

Do men still give women “promise rings?”  I am not sure how well this will be received with a woman who is in 30’s or 40’s.  Maybe if you are 16 but COME ON, SON…Where they do that at?

“Promise rings are meant to be a symbol of commitment, a sign that you are serious about the relationship but not yet ready to get engaged,” according to Rings With Love.

Now, you all know me…at least some of you do through this blog, but by now, I am sure that you know that I would tell dude to take his ring and get lost.  I mean, if you are together, shouldn’t there ALREADY by commitment and seriousness?  I can understand not being ready to get engaged but personally, I’m going to need you [him] to hold off on that “promise ring” thang!! However, some women may find this to be acceptable.

I am sure that but Jay has a different perspective on how to deal with this situation.  Check out the video and join Jay and I TONIGHT 12/9 for #LULChat on Twitter at 7pm/pst 10pm/est and let’s discuss this topic!


Would you accept a promise ring from your mate?

If a man presented you with a promise ring because he couldn’t afford an engagement ring, would you accept it?

Should a man just wait until he can actually afford an engagement ring instead of giving a woman a promise ring?

How would you feel if your man gave you a promise ring? 

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