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Diddy And Shaunie O’Neal Poses For Christmas Photos With Their Kids And Shaunie VS Shaq Reality Show Drama

Entertainment & Celebrities / December 21, 2013

No one can ever say that Diddy is not sharp…all the time.  He proves it with this years Christmas card with all six of his children.  I guess after Shaunie O’Neal did her Christmas card (see below) with her children…solo, Diddy said, “Why not?”  Neither Shaunie or Diddy had their exe’s in the pics.

Diddy is looking fly and I’m not a cougar BUT Young Combs AKA Diddy’s step son, Quincy, 22, might make me start like light-skinned men again! LOL!!!

Also pictured are Diddy’s sons, Justin, 20 and Christian 15 and daughters, twins D’Lila and Jessie, and Chance, all  of which are 7 years old.

Diddy And Shaunie O'Neal Poses For Christmas Photos With Their Kids


Shaunie O’neal posed with her 5 children for their family Christmas Card and I guess Shaunie said, the hell with Shaq…”I got this!”  HOWEVER, I know that her kids are old enough to select their own clothes but let’s just say that they could have done better…perhaps a stylist? Maybe Shaunie needs to call Diddy next year and get some pointers on what to wear for a family Christmas card photo…IJS!

Maybe Shaunie was too occupied with trying to get Shaq to allow their children to be filmed for her new reality show, “The Shaunie Project” which according to TMZ is “said to resemble to “The Cosby Show” in terms of the amount of family drama is displays and that it will showcase “good wholesome family fun.”

Taping is set to start the first week of January and Shaq is not going for it.  Things are so bad that Shaunie has requested an emergency order asking to be allowed to have her children featured on the show.

According to TMZ:

Shaunie also claims in the docs that Shaq was ok with her show …as long as she gave him $1 million, which she refused to do.  Our Shaq sources say, ridiculous … the last thing he needs is $$$.

Shaunie grouses that she needs to do the show to pay the bills, because she gets no alimony.  But we’ve learned Shaq pays her $100,000 A MONTH in child support for their 4 kids.

Shaunie says Shaq barely gives two craps about the kids and only sees them 8-10 days a YEAR.  Shaq sources tell us Shaunie’s lying … he sees the kids “plenty” and is very involved in their school.

I guess we will soon find out if we will see The O’Neal clan gracing our tv screen soon or not.  In the mean time, what do you think of the family christmas Photos?

Diddy And Shaunie O'Neal Poses For Christmas Photos With Their Kids


Photo Credits: Diddy Instagram, Shaunie O’Neal’s Instagram

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